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Nicholas Sparks's latest novel, DEAR JOHN, currently is atop the New York Times bestseller list, and for good reason. Sparks writes human emotion with empathy and deals with lifechanging subjects that corral the reader's interest. Love between unlikely couples is the magnet that ignites one to read on. John Tyree is a product of the port city of Wilmington, North Carolina. Iced with pretentious ... Read full review

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A fantastic story - essentially exactly what a reader expects from a Nicholas Sparks novel. Like most of his books, Dear John is one that you won't be able to put down until you've finished it ... Read full review

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I love this book in my opinion it is one of the best love stories ever. I liked how he saw Savannah's bag in the water and jumped off the ledge of the boardwalk for her and landed in the water and then she was so complementary I thought that was really nice of him to do that. Another part I like about this book is that both of them are determined for instance he was in the army and she was in college but liked how they made it.
The part that was very sad was when his dad died in the hospital and he read the letter to him in the hospital bed, another part that was sad when he saw Savannah and had dinner and did not say a word and had a big argument.

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Dear John is exceptional, very descriptive. If you like books that gives a lot details about settings and characters: you'll love this book. Dear John is very unpredictable unlike many books. Very romantic personally, heart-dropping. Unlike most romantic books, this book doesn't end the why you want. If you watched the movie and decided to read the book you'll find out that they are very distanced. So expected the unexpected. But overall very interesting 

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this review is about jhon tyree

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Pure excellence
This book....WOW!! During my reading,i just paused and was like This is awesome. Immediately followed the author on twitter. Dear John is incredible!! Great quality and depth
. Characters are well developed with personality which makes it seen real and you can relate. Storyline couldn't more perfect. 5 stars. Two thumbs way up to Nicholas sparks!! Loved Dear John. Will read again and again. Right after The Lucky one ^_^ 

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Dear john
Best book

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Dear John by Nicholas Sparks is about John Tyree, a young man that enlists in the military, and while on leave he comes and stays with his father back in his hometown, North Carolina. While in North Carolina, he meets Savannah and that’s when they start spending so much time together. After John goes back to the base in Iraq, they still communicate through letters in this long-distance relationship. John is waiting for his time in the military to finish so he can return and settle down with Savannah. 911, however, was an obstacle that made John chose between his love or fighting for his country. He chose to reenlist in the army, and this causes them to grow apart and Savannah admitted that she has fallen in love with someone else. A few years later he comes back to North Varolina for his fathers funeral. He decides to go see Savannah and learned she has moved on. Ironically, he knows who Savannahs husband is, and knowing hes sick, he donates all of his fathers coin collection money to his fund. They both go their separate ways even though they still have a connection and love each other.
Nicholas Sparks, known to write romantic stories, writes Dear John to show how love and the military life conflict. In his book, he shows how John and Savannah are deeply in love and must keep in touch only through letters while he is away in the army. They are separated through this long distance relationship which they wish to reunite once again when John comes back to North Carolina. Everything falls down when the letter “Dear John” was written and it shows the clashing of military life with love, and how everything was sadly torn apart.
The author presents his main point throughout the story by evidence through letters and show how in love they are when they spend time with each other in North Carolina. The evidence the author provides is not only entertaining but makes this book a quick read. The evidence provided supports authors purpose to show how military life and love clash when in long distance relationships. Nicholas use of evidence clearly backs up his thesis and supports his argument.
The books argument is convincing and will make you keep turning the page for a quick read. The letters add to this argument and they add suspense to the novel because you don’t know what will happen next. It might be something good or something that will leave them heart broken and change their lives forever. John must choose between his love or his country which is the main shift/decision that keeps the story going.
As compared to other books on the topic of love, I found Dear John to be very well written and entertaining. The book is similar to Nicholas Sparks other works on love and how it can end quickly over decisions you choose to make. I found it to be a good read where you’ll be interested the whole time and won’t find the book to be boring or predictable. People interested in a love story with a good plot should enjoy reading this great book. Also, someone who likes Nicholas Sparks and has enjoyed his other romantic stories should read this book because like his other works, it is a success and doesn’t fail to impress.

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A few tears rolled down my cheeks.
I've read some of Nicholas Sparks books and I have enjoyed just about all of them, except "At First Sight". "Message in a Bottle" was one of my favorites. I
would have to say that "Dear John" falls somewhere in between, but I still loved it. Mr. Sparks just has knack for writing romance novels and this was another of his beautiful stories. I wanted the ending to be different, but then I'm not the writer. Speaking of ending there seemed to me that a sequel would be something he should consider. If so I would buy it without hesitation. Some of the reviewers thought the book was depressing, but I didn't feel that way. From mid way the book was sad and yes a tear or two rolled down my cheeks, but the way the author wrote the scenes I was prepared for the outcome.
Overall, I thought the book was terrific. Highly recommend.

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John Tyree is an angry rebel, he had enlisted in the army after high school, not knowing what else to do.His life changed when he met Savannah Lynn Curtis. This is a great modern day romance novel. It takes place after 9/11. Like so many proud men and women, John must choose between love and country. 

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