Cobbett's Weekly Political Register, Volume 36

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William Cobbett
Wm. Jackson, 1820 - Great Britain
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Page 1307 - Try me, good king, but let me have a lawful trial, and let not my sworn enemies sit as my accusers and judges; yea let me receive an open trial, for my truth shall fear no open shame; then shall you see either mine innocency cleared, your suspicion and conscience satisfied, the ignominy and slander of the world stopped, or my guilt openly declared.
Page 203 - Such a nation might truly say to corruption, thou art my father, and to the worm, thou art my mother and my sister.
Page 877 - Kew, gave such a description of them as made me instantly resolve to work in these gardens. The next morning, without saying a word to any one, off I set, with no clothes except those upon my back, and with thirteen half-pence in my pocket.
Page 1237 - In the face of the sovereign, the parliament, and the country, she solemnly protests against the formation of a secret tribunal, to examine documents, privately prepared by her adversaries, as a proceeding unknown to the law of the land, and a flagrant violation of all the principles of justice.
Page 1075 - Majesty retains the same desire which she commanded Mr. Brougham yesterday to express, of submitting her own wishes to the authority of parliament, now so decisively interposed. Still acting upon the same principle, she now commands Mr. Brougham to add, that she feels it necessary, before making any further proposal, to have it understood that the recognition of her rank and privileges as Queen, must be the basis of any arrangement which can be made. The moment that basis is established, Her Majesty...
Page 23 - The title was so odd, that my curiosity was excited. I had the threepence, but, then, I could have no supper. In I went, and got the little book, which I was so impatient to read, that I got over into a field, at the upper corner of Kew Gardens, where there stood a hay-stack.
Page 227 - I would appeal to the recollection of every man who now hears me, of any the most careless estimator of public sentiment, or the most indifferent spectator of public events, whether any country, in any two epochs, however distant, of its history, ever presented such a contrast with itself as this country, in November, 1819, and this country in January 1820 ? What was the situation of the country in November, 1819?
Page 1025 - Sovereign of this great country, enjoys none of those advantages of society which are deemed necessary for imparting a knowledge of mankind to persons who have infinitely less occasion to learn that important lesson; and it may so happen, by a chance which I trust is very remote, that she should be called upon to exercise the powers of the Crown, with an experience of the world more confined than that of the most private individual.
Page 357 - ... many years, we are at length compelled, from the extremity of our sufferings, and the contempt heaped upon our petitions for redress, to assert our rights at the hazard of our lives, and proclaim to the world the real motives which (if not misrepresented by designing men, would have united all ranks) have reduced us to take up arms for the redress of our common grievances.
Page 1025 - I willingly hope, that your own parental feelings will lead you to excuse the anxiety of mine, for impelling me to represent the unhappy consequences which the present system must entail upon our beloved child.

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