A Catalogue of the Fruits Cultivated in the Garden of the Horticultural Society of London

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Page 97 - Early French, Early Vineyard, Padley's Early Purple, Neil's Early Purple, Neal's Early Purple, Johnson's Early Purple, Johnson's Purple Avant, Forster's, Forster's Early...
Page 70 - ... 1835. In it I proposed the practical application of my mode of grafting to the economical and expeditious proving of the unproved varieties of the vine. This was suggested by the following notice in the Catalogue of Fruits grown in the London Horticultural Society's Garden in 1831, under the article " Grapes : " — " The varieties of grapes are found to be in great confusion ; and much difference of opinion exists respecting the comparative merits, as well as the nomenclature, of many of the...
Page 70 - Gardening. meantime, the generally known and acknowledged merits and characters of some have been given ; others, less certain, have been left without attaching any remark till circumstances admit of the whole being properly examined.
Page 94 - Early French, see Grosse Mignonne. Early May, see ib. Early Purple, see Veritable Pourpree Hative. Early Purple, Neil's, see Grosse Mignonne. Early Purple of Kew, see Royal Charlotte. Early Purple, True, see Veritable Pourpree Hative. Early Red.
Page 161 - STRAWBERRIES. the Prolific, and also those sterile plants commonly called Males, which have long stamens. The latter ought in all cases to be entirely destroyed. They may be distinguished from the prolific by their flowers being scarcely so large, and the receptacle of the fructification small and imperfect.
Page 48 - ... heart-shaped. Skin pale amber, marbled with red, and mottled with bright red where exposed. Stalk two inches long, slender, deeply set. Flesh yellowish, firm, very juicy, sweet, and rich. Beginning and middle of August. Four-to-the-Pound. See Tobacco-Leaved. Fraser's Black Tartarian. See Black Tartarian. Fraser's White Tartarian. See White Tartarian. Fraser's White Transparent. See White Tartarian. GASCOIGNE'S HEABT (Bleeding Heart; Herefordshire Heart; Bed Heart).—Above medium size, heart-shaped,...
Page 74 - Madeleine, see Early Black July. Madeleine Blanche. Madeleine Noire, see Early Black July. Malaga, see White Muscat of Alexandria. Malaga, du Lot.
Page 101 - Leaves serrated, gland less ; flowers dark red and small, flesh melting, colour palish yellow and red, season end of August and beginning of September ; similar to Royal George. Raised by a friend of Mr. Ronald's, of Tooting, early in this century. Royal George, Smooth-leaved, see Bellegarde. Royal Kensington, see Grosse Mignonne. Royal Sovereign, see ib. Rumbullion, see Rambouillet. Sachamoonah, see Mammoth. Saint Laurent Jaune, see Rosanna. Saint Fagus. Sandalie Hermaphrodite, see Abricotee. Sanguinole...
Page 91 - Avant, Early Purple, see Grosse Mignonne. Avant, Peche Jaune. Avant, Johnson's Purple, see Grosse Mignonne. Avant, Johnson's Early Purple, see ib. Avant, Peche de Troyes, see White Nutmeg. Avant, Purple, see Grosse Mignonne. Avant, Red, see Red Nutmeg. Avant Rouge, see Red Nutmeg.

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