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This book only allows a small taste of British Watercolour Art for basically the 19th century (1804-1904). There are 60 colour plates in my 1904 edition. The E.F. Brentnell and E.R. Hughes plates were torn out roughly so I must figure that whoever did so was not a fan of those artists' work. Personal favorites are Rose Barton's Daisy Chain, C.E. Fripp's Sketch in North China, and Carl Haag's Una Signorina Di Montenero. With a plate of 57 painters' work, a short biography and list of some of their more famous works, one can easily find more examples online of their work. One can then decide whether to invest further in that particular artist's books and illustrations. I have already purchased a Helen Allingham and a Rose Barton book and anxiously await their arrival. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to any art lover or collector that likes Landscape, Historical, Romantic or Realism art. Please note I will research the two missing artists other works and personally decide whether I want more examples of their art in my artbook collection (now around 500 books). 

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