Muhammad in World Scriptures (Volume II): The Bible

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The Other Press, 2006
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I think some christian doesn't no the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) at all, christian need to take a step forward to read Qur'an, so that they can understand him very well. So that they will stop using bad word against him, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) does not condemn Jesus at all in his word, stop abusing him anyhow, please read this book called "Muhammad in the Bible" see there quotations and go through your bible ask questions on some places in the bible so that you can find the truth. " And whose words can be better than his, who calls (people) towards Allah (God Almighty), and performs good deeds, and says: I am one of those who submit to Allah. " O careless person! What is an insult for you, is a matter of pride for me." "O Muslim! there must be a group among you who would invite people to Good; and would command them to do good deeds, and would prevent them from forbidden things; and these are the people who will attain salvation. (Surah Aali Imraan: 105). This is duty Muhammad sent for, stop all blasphemy about him. go to a islamic store get your self a copy of English Quran, ask for Ahdith (Muhammed words) read it and know what to say about the noble prophet and messager of God. Thanks  

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This book is excellent an accurate. It's further supported by numerous works done by christian biblical scholars of the highest eminence. It's been shown and proven many times over the hundreds of contradictions in the bible and that the original authors of the gospels is not known, but assumed. Too many christians know nothing about the whole life story of muhammad (pbuh). They have never read the words of god in the quran. Misconceptions is the order of the day. I encourage all christians and other denominations to be sincere and open minded in the study of Islam and the last prophet Muhammed(phuh).
The author was a bishop who know the bible far better then majority of ordinary christians. So read with open eyes and open mind without any biased and prejudice. Don't run away from the truth, 1st learn with honesty, then make your choice afterwards. Hope you discover the truth.


Prefatory Remarks
The Question of the Birthright and the Covenant
The Mystery of the Mispa
Muhammad is the Shiloh
Muhammad and Constantine the Great
Muhammad is the Son of Man
My Lord
The Lord and the Apostle of the Covenant
John the Baptist Announces a Powerful Prophet
The Prophet Foretold by the Baptist was Certainly Muhammad
Sibghatu Allah
The Sibghatu Allah or the Baptism with the Holy
The Paraclete is not the Holy Spirit
Periqlytos Means Ahmad
The Son of Man who is he?
By the Apocalyptical Son of Man Muhammad

Genuine Prophets Preach only Islam
Islam is the Kingdom of God on Earth
Muhammad in the New Testament
Islam and Ahmadiyāt Announced by Angels
Eudokia Means Ahmadiyeh
The Son of Man according to the Jewish Apocalypses
Index to Biblical Quotations
Index to Quranic Quotations

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