Westminster Papers: A Monthly Journal of Chess, Whist, Games of Skill and the Drama, Volume 10

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1878 - Chess
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Page 204 - ... in the hand of the fourth player. If you lead from a very strong suit, these dangers are more than compensated for by the advantages just explained ; if your best suit is only moderately strong, the lead is not profitable, but rather the reverse. If all your suits are weak, the lead is very disadvantageous. The hand, however weak, must hold one suit of four at least, and this, if only headed by a ten or a nine, should generally be chosen.
Page 204 - ... cards), your partner should infer that you have led from a weak suit. Thus, suppose you lead a nine, which is called an equivocal card, as it comes from both strong and weak suits. If in the second round your partner • can infer that you hold a higher card, he knows you have led from strength. But if in the second round you play the eight, your partner is equally certain that Your first card was the highest of your weak suit.
Page 204 - With hands containing only a suit of four small cards — say none higher than the eight or nine, and suits of three cards of higher value — the choice is sometimes difficult. As a rule, when you are in doubt, stick to the general principle, and lead from your four-card suit...
Page 161 - ... in order to ascertain whether there be among them a card too many : should this be the case they may...
Page 166 - If the cards are dealt wrongly the error may DC rectified before either player has taken up his hand." The following would tie the hands and tongues of meddlers and busybodies : "A bystander calling attention to any error or oversight and thereby affecting the score, may be called upon to pay all stakes and debts of the player whose interest he has prejudicially affected.
Page 204 - It will not often happen that you are driven to open a weak suit originally, as one of your suits must contain as many as four cards. But it may so turn out that your four-card suit is composed of very small cards indeed, in which case you might prefer to open a suit containing better cards, though numerically weaker. Every one can see that ace, king, queen, is a better suit to open than five, four, three, two ; but, as you descend in one scale and ascend in the other, there comes a point where the...
Page 204 - In playing for an odd trick, you play a closer game than at other scores. You lead from single cards and force your partner, when at another time you would not be justified. It is seldom in this case proper to lead trumps ; and few finesses are justifiable. It is a nice part S6 of the game, and experience, with attention, will alone teach it with effect.
Page 158 - BIED. 1 P to К 4 2 Kt to К В З 3 В to...
Page 203 - By this means your partner will be the best acquainted with your strength in trumps. OF PLAYING FOR THE ODD TRICK. 1. Be cautious of trumping out, notwithstanding you have a good hand. For since you want the odd trick only, it would be absurd to play a great game.

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