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The Gospel

User Review  - Andrew -

Other than the Bible, I would be surprised to find a book that gives Jesus as so much glory as "Christless Christianity". I'm in my 30’s, and I’ve been a Christian a long time, and “active” in various ... Read full review

A Must Read for the Introspective Christian

User Review  - csense -

I came here looking for a study guide for Christless Christianity as I prepare to read it again, this time with a women's study group. I am short on time but would agree with the high rated reviews ... Read full review

User Review  - jerdeb81747 -

Although there is a balance to all Michael Horton says...he is direct and hits the nail squarely on the head. This book, if read with an open mind, clearly can bring corrective balance to what is ... Read full review

An excellent and challenging work

User Review  - Trog -

Horton has a challenging message about the Church today and the ways that we unknowingly make the Gospel of Jesus Christ more about us than about Him. If you expect this book to be about others ... Read full review

LibraryThing Review

User Review  - superfastreader - LibraryThing

Synopsis: An examination and critique of the current state of Christianity in America, which shows the pervasive influences of Pelagianism and Gnosticism–these heresies are closer than you think ... Read full review

User Review  - William Walls -

A very well written account of the worldliness of so much of "Professed Christianity" found in America in this time of materialism and so-called, faith healers. This book...and Hank Hanegraaff"s book ... Read full review

great Book

User Review  - ebergen -

Horton os to the point and covers many aspects of the Christian faith in which many people have been blindsided by. Very good and thorough book Read full review

Well worth reading

User Review  - Kadje -

A well-written book that helped me understand the trends in what passes for Christianity in many churches today. Read full review

Christless Christianity

User Review  - floppy66 -

The book was not only a good value but also a terrific Biblical review with intense theological insight! Read full review

User Review  - Tom Klein -

Horton hits the nail on the head as far as I am concerned. If you do not understand "therapeutic moralistic deism" then you need to read this book. Read full review

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