Idiot's delight

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C. Scribner's sons, 1936 - Drama - 188 pages
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Page 187 - -' Marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus Going on before: Christ, the Royal Master, Leads against the foe; Forward into battle, See, His banners go. Onward, Christian soldiers, Marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus Going on before.
Page 113 - QUILLERY. For the love of God — listen to me ! While you sit here eating and drinking, to-night, Italian planes dropped twenty thousand kilos of bombs on Paris. God knows how many they killed. God knows how much of life and beauty is forever destroyed ! And you sit here, drinking, laughing, with them — • the murderers. [Points to the flyers, who ask each other, in Italian, what the hell is he talking about] They did it! It was their planes, from that field down there. Assassins...
Page 41 - Yes ! France is full of them. But there is a force more potent than all the bombing planes and submarines and tanks. And that is the mature intelligence of the workers of the world ! There is one antidote for war — Revolution ! And the cause of Revolution gains steadily in strength. Even here in Italy, despite all the repressive power of Fascism, sanity has survived, and it becomes more and more articulate.
Page 30 - Step this way, please. HARRY. Come on, girls. Now — I want two girls to a room, and a single room for me adjoining. I promised their mothers I'd always be within earshot. Put on your shoes, Beulah. (He goes out right, followed by the GIRLS and DON.) BEULAH (as they go). Why's he kicking? I think this place is attractive! SHIRLEY. Oh — you know Harry. He's always got to have something to worry about. (They have gone.) MRS. CHERRY (coming down).
Page 81 - Mineral water! (AUCUSTE bows and exits into the bar.) QUILLERY. That's it, Herr Doctor! A scientist — a servant of humanity! And you know that if you were in your dear Fatherland, the Nazis would make you abandon your cure of cancer. It might benefit too many people outside of Germany — even maybe some Jews.
Page 60 - DOCTOR — Unfortunately, just now the situation in Germany is not good for research. They are infected with the same virus as here. Chauvinistic nationalism! They expect all bacteriologists to work on germs to put in bombs to drop from airplanes. To fill people with death! When we've given our lives to save people. Oh — God in heaven — why don't they let me do what is good? Good for the whole world? Forgive me. I become excited. HARRY — I know just how you feel, Doctor. Back in 1918, I was...
Page 52 - WEBER [calmly]. Yes, my dear. IRENE. We must be sure to tell the Maharajah of Rajpipla, Achille. Can't you imagine how dear little "Pip" would love this? [They go out on the landing above] HARRY. Who was that? DON [impressed]. That was Achille Weber. One of the biggest men in France. I used to see him a lot at St. Moritz. [There is a sound of airplane motors off at the right] HARRY. And the dame? Do you assume that is his wife? DON [curtly]. Are you implying that she's not? HARRY. No, no — I'm...
Page 78 - What do you think is going to happen? HARRY Me? I haven't the slightest idea. CHERRY We've looked forward so much to being here with no one bothering us, and plenty of winter sports. We're both keen on skiing. And now — we may have to go dashing back to England at any moment. MRS. CHERRY It's rotten luck, isn't it? HARRY Yes, Mrs. Cherry. That's what it is — it's rotten. (QUILLERY enters from the bar, reading a newspaper.) So they wouldn't let you cross? QUILLERY No! HARRY Is there any news?...
Page 123 - I've known millions of people, intimately — and I never found more than one out of a hundred that I didn't like, once you got to know them.
Page 159 - You are a soldier, my dear Captain, and you should be used to embarrassing positions. Undoubtedly you were embarrassed this morning, when you had to shoot that confused pacifist, Quillery. But this is war, and unpleasant responsibilities descend upon you and on me as well. However . . . (He sees HARRY, who is coming in.) I shall attend to my luggage. Thank you, Captain.

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