First Appendix to the Sixth Edition of Dana's System of Mineralogy, Part 1

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J. Wiley & sons, 1899 - Mineralogy - 75 pages
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Page 13 - By long blowing a globule of silver covered by tin oxide is obtained. In the closed tube sulphur is given off, and at a high temperature a slight deposit of germanium sulphide.
Page v - Manual of Determinative Mineralogy with an introduction on blowpipe analysis
Page 27 - BB on charcoal cives a yellow coating of lead oxide, and farther from the assay one of oxide of antimony. In the open tube yields sulphurous and antimonial fumes. In the closed tube, a slight coating of germanium sulphide if no air is present. Dissolved by nitric acid with the separation of a white powder (oxides of antimony, tin and germanium) ; also readily in aqua regia with separation of sulphur. From...
Page v - ... trouvé 3.388). La densité de sel ammonique trouvée par M. Topsoë est 2.897 et son volume moléculaire 162.1 G. WYROUBOFF. OUVRAGES REÇUS EN DON PISANI Les Minéraux usuels. — Paris, 1893. A. LACROIX. Minéralogie do la France et de ses colonies, t.
Page 68 - In Wisconsin and Missouri zinc fields. 2. Barite In southeast Missouri. Tiffanyite. A name proposed by Kunz for a hydrocarbon assumed to be present in certain diamonds, namely, those which, on this account, exhibit fluorescence and phosphorescence. (Bacon) Tiger. A device, as a fork, for supporting a continuous series of wellboring rods or tubes while raising or lowering them in the hole (Standard). See Nipping-fork. Tiger-eye. 1. A chatoyant stone, usually yellow-brown, much used for ornament.
Page 14 - ... of one or more coats of bituminous material with gravel, sand or stone chips added. Castor Machine Oil. — An oil much used for the lubrication of axles, journals and harvesters, usually supplied in three grades. It is the solution of an aluminum soap in paraffin or light neutral oil. Cedarite. — A fossil resin resembling amber, somewhat widely distributed in the alluvium of the Saskatchewan River in Canada (Jahrb. Min., 2 (1898), 212). See Succinite. Cement. — An adhesive substance used...
Page 26 - Massive, with imperfect radiated and foliated structure ; in part in spherules aggregated in reniform shape. Cleavage perfect in one direction. Somewhat malleable, making a mark on paper. H = 2-75. G. = 5-55.
Page 21 - Massive; in cylindrical forms separating under pressure into distinct shells or folia, difficult to pulverize, like graphite.

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