Anatomy and Physiology: Designed for Academies and Families

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Mussey, 1847 - Anatomy - 342 pages

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Page 40 - Now, the number of square inches of surface in a man of ordinary height and bulk is 2500 ; the number of pores, therefore, 7,000,000, and the number of inches of perspiratory tube 1,750,000, that is, 145,833 feet, or 48,600 yards, or nearly twenty-eight miles.
Page 40 - I counted the perspiratory pores on the palm of the hand, and found 3,528 in a square inch. Now, each of these pores being the aperture of a little tube of about a quarter of an inch long, it follows that in a square inch of skin on the palm of the hand, there exists a length of tube equal to 882 inches...
Page 247 - ... largely uncovered : or why, with hesitating and bewildered steps, his eyes are rapidly and wildly in search of something. In this we only perceive the intent application of his mind to the objects of his apprehensions, and its direct influence on the outward organs.
Page 235 - ... as to supply to their cerebral organs that extent of exercise which gives health and vivacity of action, and in a few months, the change produced will be surprising. Health, animation, and energy, will take the place of former insipidity and dullness.
Page 235 - ... who have no call to exertion in gaining the means of subsistence, and no objects of interest on which to exercise their mental faculties, and who consequently sink into a state of mental sloth and nervous weakness.
Page 235 - Its tone is impaired by permanent inactivity, and it becomes less fit to manifest the mental powers with readiness and energy. Nor will this surprise any reflecting person, who considers that the brain, as a part of the same animal system, is nourished by the same blood, and regulated by the same vital laws as the muscles, bones, arteries, and nerves.
Page 40 - On the pulps of the fingers, where the ridges of the sensitive layer of the true skin are somewhat finer than in the palm of the hand, the number of pores on a square inch a little exceeded that of the palm ; and on the heel, where the ridges are coarser, the number of pores on the square inch was 2268, and the length of tube 567 inches, or 47 feet.
Page 247 - To those I address, it is unnecessary to go farther, than to indicate that the nerves treated of in these papers are the instruments of expression, from the smile upon the infant's cheek to the last agony of life. It is when the strong man is subdued by this mysterious influence of soul on body, and when the passions may be truly said to tear the breast, that we have the most afflicting picture of human frailty, and the most unequivocal proof, that it is the order of functions which we have been...
Page 240 - According to this principle, it follows, that in learning a language or science, six successive months of application will be more effectual in fixing it in the mind and making it a part of its furniture, than double or treble the time, if the lessons are interrupted by long intervals.
Page 232 - ... side, and she is gifted with much force of character, the evil extends more widely among the children, than when it is on the father's side. Where both parents are descended from tainted families, the progeny is, of course, more deeply affected, than where one of them is from a pure stock.

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