Wanderings in Spain

Front Cover
Strahan and Company, 1873 - Spain - 274 pages

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Page 62 - Space would not suffice to describe in detail each court with its distinctive features, through which the visitor is led in increasing wonder and distress, to the terrible torture-chamber, which is wisely shown last, as offering the clue and key to the whole. But surely no picture that the world can offer of the sudden destruction of human power can be more appalling than fallen Poblet, beautiful still, but most awful in the agony of its unexpected destruction.
Page 98 - У es porque no tienen flores. Que ofrecerte por tributo. El naranjo de tu patio, Cuando te acercas a el, Se desprende de sus flores, Y te las echa a los pies.
Page 163 - No. 303. who would feel alarmed at a formidable public act of abjuration. In the case of the Catholic priesthood no ceremonial of conformity is now required, except the test of receiving the sacrament of the Lord's supper at the hands of a Protestant clergyman ; and the consequence has been, that the number of these practical recantations has greatly increased, though with little notoriety or public excitement. URBANUS.
Page 263 - My hand," says Peter Martyr, in a letter written on the same day to the archbishop of Granada, " falls powerless by my side, for very sorrow. The world has lost its noblest ornament ; a loss to be deplored not only by Spain, which she has so long carried forward in the career of glory, but by every nation in Christendom ; for she was the mirror of every virtue, the shield of the innocent, and an avenging sword to the wicked. I know...
Page 61 - ... while, from a stone pulpit, a reader refreshed the souls of the banqueters. The great cloister remains comparatively entire, surrounded with tombs, and enclosing, amid a thicket of roses which have survived the fate of all else, a portico, with a now dry fountain, once of many streams, where the monks in summer afternoons were wont to be regaled with chocolate. This was voluntary chocolate ; but another room is shown in which...
Page 224 - I thank God for having given me the means to bear this loss without embarrassment, and power to fit out another fleet of equal size. A stream can afford to waste some water when its source is not dried up.
Page 55 - Bernard occupied, but did not fill, the magnificent buildings ; their domains became almost boundless, their jeweled chalices and gorgeous church furniture could not be reckoned. The library of Poblet became the most famous in Spain, so that it was said that a set of wagons employed for a whole year could not cart away the books. As Poblet became the Westminster Abbey of Spain as regarded its kings and queens...
Page 56 - Marquises and counts, less honoured, had a cemetery assigned them in the strip of ground surrounding the apse ; famous warriors were buried in the nave and ante-chapel ; and the bishops of Lerida and Tarragona, deserting their own cathedrals, had each their appointed portion of the transept ; while the abbots of Poblet, far mightier than bishops, occupied the chapterhouse, where numbers of their venerable effigies, typical of dignity and repose, may still be seen, having been hastily covered over...
Page 264 - Torquemada urged her, or indeed, as is stated by some, extorted a promise, that, "should she ever come to the throne, she would devote herself to the extirpation of heresy, for the glory of God, and the exaltation of the Catholic faith.
Page 154 - Espanas, of Naples, of Sicily, and Jerusalem, who conquered this kingdom, and brought it back to our Faith ; who acquired the Canary Isles and Indies, as well as the cities of Oran, Tripoli, and Bugia ; who crushed heresy, expelled the Moors and lews from these realms, and reformed religion.

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