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Page 33 - And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests ; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.
Page 414 - Pickwick, and Catalogue $i 50 Dombey and Son i 50 Bleak House i 50 Martin Chuzzlewit i 50 Barnaby Rudge— Edwin Drood.. i 50 . Child's England — Miscellaneous i 50 Christmas Books— and— A Tale of Two Cities Oliver Twist — and— The Uncommercial Traveler David Copperfield ft Nicholas Nickleby Little Dorrit OurMutual Friend Curiosity Shop — Miscellaneous.
Page 160 - States against aiding, countenancing, abetting, or taking part in such unlawful proceedings; and I do hereby warn all persons engaged in or connected with said...
Page 160 - President of the United States, do hereby admonish all good citizens of the United States and all persons within the territory and jurisdiction of the United States against aiding, countenancing, abetting, or taking part in such unlawful proceedings...
Page x - ... 77, my agencies have been busily employed by great railway, manufacturing and other corporations, for the purpose of bringing the leaders and instigators of the dark deeds of those days to the punishment they so richly deserve. Hundreds have been punished. Hundreds more will be punished. My first purpose was to present the history of the great strikes in such a way that the effective work since done by scores of my men could be seen.^ But I have found this impossible, as many of the operations,...
Page 415 - Tom's Wife— By GD Tallman. That Comic Primer— By Frank Bellew. That Awful Boy That Bridget of Ours Our Artist in Cuba, etc. GW Carleton. Why Wife and I Quarreled Solomon Isaacs — By BL Farjeon That Horrid Girl Me— July and August. By Mrs. SC Coe. He and I— Sarah B. Stebbins Annals of a Baby — do That Charming Evening— Bellew Mrs. Hill's Cook Book. Mrs. AP Hill's New Southern Cookery Book, and domestic receipts $2 oo Hand-Books of Society. The Habits of Good Society — The nice points...
Page 25 - How primitive and uncivil it looks in such company — a real barbarian in the parlor. We are so unused to the human anatomy, to simple, unadorned nature, that it looks a little repulsive ; but it is beautiful for all that. Though it be a black foot and an unwashed foot, it shall be exalted. It is a thing of life amid leather, a free spirit amid cramped, a wild bird amid caged, an athlete amid comsumptives. It is the symbol of my order — the Order of
Page 414 - Macaria Inez, Darkness and Daylight Hugh Worthington Cameron Pride Rose Mather. Ethelyn's Mistake Millbank Edna Browning West Lawn (New) Sunny bank Husbands and Homes. Ruby's Husband Phemie's Temptation.. The Empty Heart Jessamine. 50 From My Youth Up 50 My Little Love (New) Vols.-
Page 414 - Co., Publishers, Madison Square, New York. The Publishers, on receipt of price, will send any book on this Catalogue by mx&^fost - All books [unless otherwise specified] are handsomely bound in cloth, with gilt backs suitable for libraries.
Page 414 - Tempest and Sunshine $i 50 English Orphans i 50 Homestead on the Hillside i 50 'Lena Rivers.... i 50 Meadow Brook i 50 Dora Deane i 50 Cousin Maude i 50 Marian Grey.

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