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Million thanks to persons and organizations that published this wonderful book in print and in internet-friendly version. I advise every person that has some knowledge of the English language -- to read parts of this book often, especially the text at page 61 of the Righteous Sufferer; I am unable to detect if there are inaccuracies in the translation from the cuneiform writing of this text into English, inasmuch as I have not been able to master the cuneiform writing to that high level, but the English translation of this text is very pleasant to read. This work of Wilfred G. Lambert is great and deserves to be praised with most lofty phrases. Eisebrauns Publishers have done great work for republishing this book. Google Books is great for choosing this book.
Dr. Natela Borisovna POPKHADZE, Head of the Scholarly Information Center at Phassis National Academy in Tbilisi.

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