County Reports and Maps ...: Boone County. Paleontology, by W. Armstrong Price, paleontologist, I. C. White, state Geologist, Part 4

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Wheeling, W. Va.,bWheeling news litho. Company, 1915 - Geology - 648 pages
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Page 562 - BTU, represents the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit in temperature.
Page 204 - Bakerstown (Barton) Coal. Pine Creek (Cambridge) Limestone. Buffalo Sandstone. Brush Creek Limestone. Brush Creek Coal. Upper Mahoning Sandstone (Big Dunkard Sand). Mahoning Coal. Lower Mahoning Sandstone. • The Lower Pittsburgh Sandstone.
Page 562 - Along both the proximate and ultimate analysis is also given the BTU result as well as the ratio of the total carbon to the oxygen plus ash. It has only recently been insisted upon that oxygen has about the same deteriorating effect as ash in all coal and the above mentioned ratio, proposed by Dr.
Page 562 - Department of the United States Bureau of Mines and the United States Geological Survey.
Page 558 - Lime at different points in the district with a possibility of a small pool of oil. The Big Injun Sand may also contain gas at some points within the district. CHAPTER IX. THE COAL RESOURCES OF BOONE COUNTY. The geology, structure and general character of the coals in Boone County have already been described in detail in the preceding pages of this volume, and the purposes of this Chapter are to consider the coal production, the chemical composition and the character of the workable coal beds more...
Page 622 - Brownstown Southwest Along Lens and Short Creeks to Racine, Thence Northwest Down Coal River, to Cobbs. Feet. Hernshaw, 1 mile south of, south side of road, on south bank of Lens Creek, near A. Hoffman's house, in 3 by 5 foot ledge rock; copper bolt stamped "722-C...
Page 37 - In the description of these folds the upward bending arch is called an anticline and the downward bending a syncline. The axis of any fold is the line joining the highest points of any anticline or the lowest points of any syncline, and from which the strata dip is an anticline and to which they dip in a syncline.
Page 1 - CHAPTER I. THE HISTORICAL AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT. LOCATION AND HISTORY. The portion of the State of West Virginia discussed in detail in this Report. Boone County, lies between the parallels of 37 45' and 38 15' North latitude, and the meridians 81 30' and 82 00' West longitude from Greenwich.
Page 624 - BALD KNOB QUADRANGLE. Mouth of Whiteoak Creek up Coal River to Hazy Creek. Feet. Orange, 0.5 mile north of post-office, south side of Whiteoak Creek, 300 feet west of mouth of Little Whiteoak Creek, 0.2 mile east of mouth of Whiteoak Creek, in rock cliff; aluminum tablet stamped "734...
Page 624 - Mouth of Whiteoak Creek, 2.8 miles south of, 3 feet west of river; nail in root of sycamore tree 751.27 Mouth of Whiteoak Creek, 6.3 miles south of, 6 feet east of road, 100 feet south of ford over river, about 0.25 mile south of Seng Creek ; cross on rock 788.

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