The Survey, Volume 46

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Survey Associates, 1921 - Charities

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Page 294 - It must be originated and published for the dissemination of information of a public character, or devoted to literature, the sciences, arts, or some special industry...
Page 62 - DRAMA, and that the following is, to the best of his knowledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, management (and if a daily paper, the circulation), etc., of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in the above caption, required by the Act...
Page 376 - ... hath made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on all the face of the earth...
Page 13 - Art, — wherein man nowise speaks to men, Only to mankind, — Art may tell a truth Obliquely, do the thing shall breed the thought, Nor wrong the thought, missing the mediate word.
Page 160 - The ownership of the copyright of successful studies \\-ill vest in the donors, and it is expected that, without precluding the use of these papers as theses for higher degrees, they will cause them to be issued in some permanent form. Competitors are advised that the studies should be thorough, expressed in good English, and although not limited as to length, they should not be needlessly expanded.
Page 29 - They will be a revelation to you, they are so sweet, clean, well put up, and withal so efficient. At Dealers Generally Chas. M.
Page 160 - THOUSAND DOLLARS, AND A SECOND PRIZE OF FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS are offered to contestants in Class A. A FIRST PRIZE OF THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS, AND A SECOND PRIZE OF TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS are offered to contestants in Class B. The committee reserves to itself the right to award the two prizes of $1000 and $500 of Class A to undergraduates in Class B, if the merits of the papers demand it.
Page 382 - This does not mean that if Man cannot find the remedy no remedy will be found. The power that produced Man when the monkey was not up to the mark, can produce a higher creature than Man if Man does not come up to the mark.
Page 83 - February 5 and 6, under the auspices of the council on medical education and the council on health and public instruction of the American Medical Association, the Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States, and the Association of American Medical Colleges.
Page 62 - Managers none. 2. That the owners are: (Give names and addresses of individual owners, or, if a corporation, give its name and the names and addresses of stockholders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of the total amount of stock.) The National Historical Society. No stockholders. 3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders...

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