The History Book

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Penguin, Oct 20, 2008 - Juvenile Nonfiction - 304 pages
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Building on the strength of Pick Me Up and Do Not Open, we tackle world history in this vibrant and exciting title, The History Book. The book is a chronological exploration of the people and events that have shaped societies through time. From Mesopotamia to Mao, the Incas to Iraq, the Spartans to the Space Shuttle, this history book covers it all. The History Book squeezes together 3,500 years of bloody battles, glorious empires, revolting revolutions, monstrous monarchs, and so much more. It gives everything a good shake and a couple of twists, so the important bits are all there, but the fun stuff rises to the top. Explore the copper, bronze, and iron ages through some heavy metal merchandize, check out the flash crib of Persian emperor Darius I, pick your barbarian warrior in a beat 'em up videogame, and read Napoleon's profile on a social networking site. A cartoon strip retells the horrors of the black death, a news anchorman presents the headlines as the heads roll in the French Revolution, and graffiti on the Berlin Wall details the collapse of communism. Organized chronologically, date tags on every spread aid easy navigation. At the start of each chapter, there is an overview of the period with a map highlighting where all the main action took place. Key movers and shakers are listed and a cultural barometer details what's hot and what's not. A reference section at the back can be edited to suit local market needs. Learning history has never been so innovative or exciting. Find out where you fit in to the story of the world!

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10 Unusual suspects
12 Just how Homo sapians are you?
14 Huntergatherer amusement park
16 Out of Africa
18 Welcome to the Fertile Crescent
20 Building big
22 Heavy metals
24 Mesopotamia
158 Agricultural Revolution
160 The Enlightenment
162 Captain Cooks blog
164 The convicts tale and the Aboriginal girls tale
166 Peter the Great and Catherine the Great
168 The rise of Prussia Prussian
170 World at war
172 Triangle of trade

26 Voices from the past
28 Kingdom of the Nile
The New Kingdom
32 Egyptian afterlife
34 Sargon of Akkad vs Nebuchadnezzar II
36 A trip to town
38 Hindu India
40 Early China
42 Minoans and Mycenaeans
44 Hanno the explorer
46 The story of the Jews
48 Certainly civilized
50 Your citystate needs you
52 A Greek epic
54 Senate Museum
56 Imperial Rome High School
58 Fearsome force
60 Pinball Celts
62 Buddhism
64 Persepolis
66 Alexanderhes great
68 The Maya
Qin Shi Huang
72 Polynesian voyage of discovery
74 The birth of Christianity
76 Under new management
78 The middle part
80 Byzantine Empire
82 The birth of Islam
84 Barbarian beat em up
86 A frank interview with Charlemagne
88 Viking Times classifieds
90 Feudal Europe
92 Exclusive knight interview
94 Christian Europe
96 Spotlight on the Crusades
Level 1
100 Tang and Sung China
102 India Whats on
104 Invasion of the Mongols
106 Welcome to Aztecfest
108 Visit the Inca Empire
110 Native North Americans
112 Medieval mall
114 The Hundred Years War
116 The Black Death
118 Great Zimbabwe
120 Exploring and reforming
122 Happy families
124 World cruises
126 World of spice
128 Ming Dynasty
130 Renaissance
132 The Tudors
134 Ottoman Empire
136 End of the Aztecs and end of the Incas
138 Reformation
140 A terrible tale
142 Tug of religious war
144 A Dutch masterclass
146 Mughal India
148 Persia under the Safavids
150 Shogun snippets
152 Big Brother
154 Colonial America
156 All change
174 American independence
176 French Revolution
178 Napoleon Bonaparte
180 Industrial Revolution
182 The United States gets bigger
184 Tales of the Wild West
186 People of South America we are free
188 Scientific advances
190 Year of revolutions
192 A day in the life
194 The Rising Sun
196 American Civil War
198 Made in the USA
200 Unified Germany and united Italy
202 Rule Britannia
204 Independent Canada
206 The scramble for Africa
208 Qing China
210 Fast forward
212 First flight
214 Race to the poles
216 Suffragette online
218 Asssassinated
220 The Great War
222 Trench warfare
224 Treaty of Versailles
226 Outbreak
228 The Russian Revolution
230 Joseph Stalin student assessment
232 Irish rebellion
234 The Roaring Twenties
236 Great Depression
238 The rise of fascism
240 Spanish Civil War
242 War in Europe
244 War in the Pacific
246 The Holocaust
248 War over
250 The Cold War
252 Chinese Revolution
254 Israels changing map
256 Independent India
258 A new Africa
260 Tiger tycoons
262 Race to the Moon
264 Swinging Sixties
266 Civil rights
268 Vietnam War
270 Black gold
272 Islamic Revolution
274 The fall of communism
276 The end of apartheid
278 One world
280 The War on Terror
282 Take me back to the future
284 The last part
286 Curious quotes
288 Loony leaders
290 Listory
292 Dress me up
294 Dear Sibyl
296 Local history
300 Index
304 Take a bow

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