Educational Systems of the Chief Crown Colonies and Possessions of the British Empire: Including Reports on the Training of Native Races ...

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1905 - Education
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Page 132 - in habits of punctuality, of good manners and language, of cleanliness and neatness, and also to impress upon them the importance of cheerful obedience to duty, of consideration and respect for others, and of honour and truthfulness in word and act. 37. Where the Government is satisfied that by reason of a notice of the
Page 24 - of any Inspector or any person so authorised to inquire into any instruction in religious subjects given at such school, or to examine any scholar therein in religious knowledge. 8. The school must be public and no child may be refused admission on other than reasonable grounds. Head Teachers of schools
Page 378 - Training of Children. By Mrs. Franklin. The Possibility of Co-education in English Preparatory and other Secondary Schools. By Mr. JH Badley. Notes on a Preparatory School for Girls. Appendix. This volume (Cd. 418) can be obtained, either directly or through any Bookseller, from Messrs. WYMAN and SONS, Ltd., Fetter
Page 44 - Irregular verbs and first rules of syntax, knowledge of Delectus or other first Latin reading book. Translation of simple sentences (three or four words) into Latin. Grammar to end of irregular verbs and translation into English of easy narrative sentences. Ten pages of a French or German simple reading book. (1) Bills of Exchange : Bills
Page 380 - By Mr. John C. Medd. Report on the School Training and Early Employment of Lancashire Children. By Mr. ET Campagnac and Mr. CEB Russell. These reports (Cd. 1157 and 1867) can be obtained, either directly or through any Bookseller, from Messrs. WYMAN AND SONS, Ltd., FETTER Lane, EG, and 32,
Page 128 - marked and finally closed before the minimum time constituting an attendance begins. If any scholar entered in the register as attending is withdrawn from school before the time constituting an attendance is complete the entry of attendance should be at once cancelled. Note (iii.) The minimum time constituting an attendance may
Page 131 - been open for a whole year, or if a school has been closed during the year under medical authority or for any unavoidable cause, a corresponding reduction is made from the number of meetings required by this Article. • 26. The Government must be satisfied:—
Page 132 - teaching and examination. To meet the requirements respecting discipline, the Managers and Teachers will be expected to satisfy the Inspector that all reasonable care is taken, in the ordinary management of the school, to bring up the
Page 377 - S. Examinations for Entrance Scholarships at the Public Schools. Their Character and Effect on the Educational Work of Preparatory Schools. By Mr. CC Lynam. 9. The Teaching of Latin and Greek in Preparatory Schools. By the Rev. C. Eccles Williams, DD 10. The
Page 377 - Workshop. By Mr. ED Mansfield. 19. Music in Preparatory Schools. By the Rev. W. Earle, with an Appendix by Mr. WW Cheriton. 20. Singing in Preparatory Schools. By Mr. Leonard C. Venables. 21. Gardening, its Role in Preparatory School Life. By Mr. A