Colombia: Being a Geographical, Statistical, Agricultural, Commercial, and Political Account of that Country

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Baldwin, Crodock, and Joy, 1822 - Colombia
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Page 727 - It has long been manifest that it would be impossible for Spain to reduce these colonies by force, and equally so that no conditions short of their independence would be satisfactory to them.
Page 491 - Of further proceedings between them we are uninformed. No facts are known to this Government to warrant the belief that any of the powers of Europe will take part in the contest, whence it may be inferred, considering all circumstances which must have weight in producing the result, that an adjustment will finally take place on the basis proposed by the colonies. To promote that result by friendly counsels with other powers, including Spain herself, has been the uniform policy of this Government.
Page 164 - Since my departure from the banks of the Oronoco and the Amazon, a new era unfolds itself in the social state of the nations of the West. The fury of civil discussions will be succeeded by the blessings of peace and a freer development of the arts of industry. The bifurcation of the Oronoco," (the Cassiquiari,) "the isthmus of Tuamini...
Page 31 - ... diameter ; and the middle one, to which the moving power is applied, turns the other two by means of cogs. Between these rollers, the canes...
Page 253 - Sir, — Having laid before my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, your letter of the 8th...
Page 396 - A republican government has been, is, and ought to be that of Venezuela; its basis ought to be the sovereignty of the people, the division of power, civil liberty, the prohibition of slavery, and the abolition of monarchy and privileges.
Page 780 - Angostura, and signed by my hand, sealed with the' provisional seal of the Republic, and countersigned by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, the 24th of December 1819, 9th year of independence. (LS)
Page 13 - The quint which the king's officers drew from the produce of pearls, amounted to fifteen thousand ducats ; which, according to the value of the metals in those times, and the extensiveness of the contraband trade, might be considered as a very considerable sum. It appears, that till 1530 the value of the pearls sent to Europe amounted yearly on an average to more than eight hundred thousand piastres.
Page 403 - ... one another are the significant advantages that work in favor of royal authority, thereby rendering it almost unlimited. Consequently, the significance of these same advantages should serve to justify the necessity of investing the chief magistrate of a republic with a greater measure of authority than that possessed by a constitutional prince. A republican magistrate is an individual set apart from society, charged with checking the impulse of the people toward license and the propensity of...
Page 719 - Bolivar, who was anxious to resume the offensive with greater effect, set out from Aux Cayes, where, it is asserted, he escaped assassination in consequence of a mistake made by a Royalist emissary, who stabbed the master of the house in which Bolivar resided, instead of the general himself. On his arrival in Margarita, Bolivar issued a proclamation, convoking the representatives of Venezuela in a General Congress ; and thence passed over to Barcelona, where he established a Provisional Government....

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