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Great Read

User Review  - HomeschoolingParent - Walmart

My daugther had to read this book over the summer before entering her Freshman year of High School. She couldn't put the book down. She said it was sad, but made her think. Read full review

Review: The Book Thief

User Review  - Nintendoguy77 - Walmart

Great book, loved every minute of it, couldn't put it down!! Read full review

A very moving story

User Review  - Oregonborn - Walmart

Recently read this book on the recommendation of our local children's librarian. Although marketed as a book for young adults, she advised that I not be put off by that and to give it a try. I'm very ... Read full review


User Review  - heavenlyhog - Walmart

This is one of my top 10 books! I absolutely loved it -- sad at times, but the narrator (death personified) gives a sometimes funny and logical tone to what could otherwise be described as a tragic story. Great book! Read full review

Review: The Book Thief

User Review  - kroshto - Walmart

The book was falling apart. Sections of the book were falling out. It will have to be returned. Read full review


User Review  - CoffeeShopLove - Walmart

Written in an interesting narrative form, really makes you think about life with some of the events in the book & puts things in perspective. Read full review

Great book for all ages!

User Review  - Rodney85 - Walmart

The book thief is a great book, I got it for my daughter who is going into 9th grade, she read it in three days, then before I could get my hands on it my mother in law read it and is also raving about it. Read full review

This is an amazing book

User Review  - rolltide333 - Walmart

Usually, I am skeptical when I hear that everyone else likes a book or movie. I can't help to feel that it's being blown out of proportion and that it just can't be that good. This book is quite the exception. Read full review


User Review  - BusyasEver - Walmart

I needed this book for school and was dreading have to read it. As a Non-traditional student, my time is precious. Between work, school and family obligations, I am very busy. I could hardly put the ... Read full review

Life Changing

User Review  - flutegirl26 - Walmart

I just finished this book yesterday. It is a VERY VERY well written book. I would recommed this book to anyone 13 or older. Read full review

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