The Delaware State Directory and Gazetteer ...

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Commercial printing Company, 1874 - Delaware
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Page 31 - Over $5 and not exceeding $10 8 cents. Over $10 and not exceeding $15 10 cents. Over $15 and not exceeding $30 15 cents. Over $30 and not exceeding $40 20 cents. Over $40 and not exceeding $50 25 cents.
Page 394 - Delaware, one of the Thirteen Original States. next to Rhode Island the smallest, lies in the South Atlantic group, bounded on the north by Pennsylvania, on the east by New Jersey. Delaware Bay. and the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by Maryland, and on the west by Maryland and Pennsylvania. The land is low lying, one-twentieth being marshy. Fifty...
Page 45 - Delaware Association for the Moral Improvement and Education of the Colored People.
Page 513 - Lalloc, distant about 100 miles, near the mouth of the Cagayan River. The estate is about 11 miles long from east to west and 7 miles wide from north to south, and contains an area of 19,891 hectares, or, say, 49,727 acres. Terrain. — There are about 3,000 hectares of level land on the islands pertaining to the estate in the Magat River. Along its ester ds this land is covered with brush and small timber.
Page 537 - Secretan/ of the Navy. .. , COLUMBUS DELANO, of Ohio, Secretary of the. Interior. ... GEORGE H. WILLIAMS of Oregon, Attorney- General JOHN AJ CRESWELL, of Maryland, Postmaster- General.
Page 537 - NOAH H, SWAYNE, of Ohio. SAMUEL F. MILLER, of Iowa. . STEPHEN J. FIELD, of California. WILLIAM STRONG, of Pennsylvania.
Page 475 - It is quadrangular in shape, 20 miles long from north to south, 16 miles in width from east to west, and contains an area of 320 square miles.
Page 208 - Informs his friends and the public in general that he has on hand and makes to order all kinds of LIQ-IIT OA ie/ie,ie,IA.C3-E]S, Of every description, and warranted to be of the best quality, which he often
Page 121 - Novtml>er 15, 1871. * * * Opening our schools a month later than usual last fall, we had 20 in operation and 22 teachers. The average length of the sessions was four and a half months for each school, though some of thorn were kept open eight months.
Page 537 - THE JUDICIARY. SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES. MORRISON R. wAITE, Chief Justice Salary $10,500 NATHAN CLIFFORD, of Me., Associate Justice.

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