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Page 978 - ... opportunity, the latter to the neglect of it. Fortunate . environments encompass nearly every man at some stage of his career, but the strong man and the successful man is he who realizes that the proper moment has come, that the present and not the future holds his opportunity. The man who makes use of the Now...
Page 996 - ... logical result. The man of initiative is he who combines with a capacity for hard work an indomitable will. Such a man recognizes no such thing as failure and his final success is on a parity with his well directed efforts.
Page 923 - Hayes is indebted to the public schools of his native city for his early educational discipline and he was graduated in the high school as a member of the class of 1903.
Page 650 - Council of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America ; 8.
Page 1012 - The history of a nation is nothing more than a history of the individuals comprising it, and as they are characterized by loftier or lower ideals, actuated by the spirit of ambition or indifference, so it is with a state, county or town. Success along any line of endeavor would never be properly appreciated if it came with a single effort and unaccompanied by some hardships, for it is the knocks and bruises in life that make success taste so sweet. The failures accentuate the successes, thus making...
Page 969 - Missouri, figures as one of the most attractive, progressive and prosperous divisions of the state, justly claiming a high order of citizenship and a spirit of enterprise which is certain to conserve consecutive development and marked advancement in the material upbuilding of this section. The county has been and is signally favored in the class of men who have contributed to its development along...
Page 753 - As a young man he was strong, vigorous and self-reliant. He trusted in his own ability and did things single-handed and alone. Today he stands supreme as a successful business...
Page 999 - At the age of fifteen years he severed the ties that bound him to home and fatherland and set forth to seek his fortune in America.
Page 649 - Leisen, to whom a memoir is dedicated on other pages of this work, so that further review of the family history is not demanded in the sketch at hand.
Page 894 - Fayette, in which he was graduated as a member of the class of 1901, and from which he received the degree of Bachelor of Arts. In preparation for the work of his chosen profession he then entered the law department of Washington University, in the city of St. Louis, and in this institution he was graduated in" 1904, with the well earned degree of Bachelor of Laws.

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