The Electrician and Electrical Engineer, Volume 4

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Electrical Publishing Company, 1885 - Electric engineering
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Page 29 - The fifth claim of the first patent is for " the method of and apparatus for transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically, as herein described, by causing electrical undulations, similar in form to the vibrations of the air accompanying the said vocal or other sounds, substantially as set forth.
Page 244 - But every patent granted for an invention which has been previously patented in a foreign country, shall be so limited as to expire at the same time with the foreign patent...
Page 233 - (1) An incandescing conductor for an electric lamp, of carbonized fibrous or textile material, and of an arch or horseshoe shape, substantially as hereinbefore set forth." "(2) The combination, substantially as hereinbefore set forth...
Page 16 - I look upon our English system as a wickedly brain-destroying piece of bondage under which we suffer. The reason why we continue to use it is the imaginary difficulty of making a change, and nothing else ; but I do not think in America that any such difficulty should stand in the way of adopting so splendidly useful a reform.
Page 238 - ... adapted and arranged to open and close the stop-cock or valve of the burner, and carrying the circuit-breaker, substantially as herein described. 5. In an apparatus for lighting gas by electricity, the combination of a wire through which a current of electricity is passed, actuating mechanism for letting on the gas...
Page 218 - To constitute identity of invention, and therefore infringement, not only must the result attained be the same, but in case the means used for its attainment is a combination of known elements, the elements combined in both cases must be the same, and combined in the same way, so that each element shall perform the same function, provided, however, that the differences alleged are not merely colorable, according to the rule forbidding the use of known equivalents.
Page 146 - A POCKET-BOOK of ELECTRICAL RULES and TABLES. For the Use of Electricians and Engineers. By JOHN MUNRO, CE, and Prof.
Page 35 - Company. sired to bring bis talking machine into public notice and secure tbe fruits of his invention, he had ample opportunity to do so. Who can doubt, that, if he had a practical telephone to exhibit, he would have selected just such men as Kiefer, Wilson and the others to demonstrate it to them, and enlist them to demonstrate its utility and value to the public ? Such an invention was of a kind well calculated to excite public interest and to impress practical men with a quick appreciation of...
Page 303 - I went into the cube and lived in it, and using lighted candles, electrometers, and all other tests of electrical states, I could not find the least influence upon them, or indication of...
Page 247 - ... non-carbonizing substance and wound on a bobbin, or as a spiral, and the tar carbonized in a closed chamber by subjecting it to high heat, the spiral after carbonization retaining its form.

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