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"[E]yes are blind. You have to look with the heart," says the little prince, which makes this pop-up edition of the 1943 classic a bit of an odd duck. De Saint-Exupéry's minimalist illustrations become full-color paper-engineered elements in a blown-up, two-inch-thick unabridged edition. Flaps lift, figures pop, tableaux emerge in ingenious fashion, creating a reading experience as surreal as the ... Read full review


Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

The door's wide open on my guess as to how this will sell. It may get a break, it may be read by the right people, those rare adults who can go over the border of the Never Never Land without a backward look, who can sense intuitively that intangible outer fringe of unreality that is wholly real to children. Let's say that those who loved the fey quality in Barrie — in Robert Nathan —who read ... Read full review

Review: The Little Prince

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Since 1943, the wise little boy from Asteroid B612 has led children and adults to deeper understandings of love, friendship, and responsibility. Few stories are as widely read and as universally cherished as THE LITTLE PRINCE by Antoine de SaintExupéry. Read full review

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A pilot crash lands in the Sahara Desert, and while he works to repair his plane he meets the Little Prince, a boy who has mysteriously appeared on Earth from another planet—one that is “hardly bigger than a house.” For the next eight days, the man gets to know this odd visitor; the boy talks about where he is from, and about the other little planets he visited before landing on Earth. As the man gets to know the Little Prince he also discovers more about what is really important in life, about how and why we form bonds with others, and how closeness and familiarity results in a sense of connection and responsibility for those we care for. This is a great story about the meaning of life: friendship, love, and life’s true priorities. 

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I was a little boy (6-7 yrs) ,father gifted me this book.
I tried to read it then.But could not finish as usual.
At class IV for the first time i used the book,But this time too not in a proper
manner.I choose it in my Work Education for hand binding.
Class IX.For first time i am in LOVE.Lots of time in hand.Read that book.
read it again again again....
My favurite book.
I keep the book always with me.
Love you LP.

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Small and cute book. Inspirational and imaginative.
agree with quote from one of the reviews. "I would like to read it to children."

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My all life favorite book .
You can find the answers to all your questions.
Is really a magic book.

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One of the greatest books I have ever read. I encountered this book in 7th grade, never expecting so much wisdom to just burst from such simple sentences. I have recommended this book to countless people, never telling them what to expect so they, too, can be blown away by how moving it is.

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this is by far my favorite book. the first time i read it was in my 9th grade english class. i loved the book so much, i decided that i had to read it in its original french, so took french class for my remaining three years in high school. i reccomend that everyone read this book!!!!!!!!!!

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