Are You a Bromide?: Or, The Sulphitic Theory Expounded and Exemplified According to the Most Recent Researches Into the Psychology of Boredom, Including Many Well-known Bromidioms Now in Use

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B. W. Huebsch, 1906 - American wit and humor - 63 pages
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Page 62 - You may estimate your capacity for Comic perception by being able to detect the ridicule of them you love, without loving them less : and more by being able to see yourself somewhat ridiculous in dear eyes, and accepting the correction their image of you proposes.
Page 62 - Comic," says Meredith — and the statement might be applied as well to the Bromidic — " by being able to detect the ridicule of them you love, without loving them less." The Bromide has no salt nor spice nor savor — but he is the bread of Society, the veriest staff of life. And if, like Little Jack Horner, you can occasionally put in your thumb and pull out a sulphitic plum from your acquaintance, be thankful for that, too!
Page 18 - They are, intellectually, all peas in the same conventional pod, unenlightened, prosaic, living by rule and rote. They have their hair cut every month and their minds keep regular office-hours.
Page 17 - The Bromide does his thinking by syndicate. He follows the main-traveled roads, he goes with the crowd. In a word, they all think and talk alike — one may predicate their opinion upon any given subject. They follow custom and costume, they obey the Law of Averages.
Page 23 - It's SO good of you to have asked me!" " Now, DO come and see us!" And when her caller leaves, her mind springs with a snap to fasten the timeworn farewell: "Now you have found the way, do come often!
Page 19 - ... office-hours. They worship dogma. The Bromide conforms to everything sanctioned by the majority, and may be depended upon to be trite, banal and arbitrary. So much has a mere name already done for us that we may say, boldly, and this is our First Theorem : that all Bromides are bromidic in every manfestation of their being. But a better comprehension of the term, and one which will perhaps remove the taint of malediction, will be attained if we examine in detail a few essential bromidic tendencies....
Page 39 - A sulphite is a person who does his own thinking ; he is a person who has surprises up his sleeve. He is explosive. One can never foresee what he will do, except that it will be a direct and spontaneous manifestation of his own personality.
Page 26 - Why aren't there any good stories in the magazines, nowadays?" VII. "I'm afraid I'm not educated up to Japanese prints." VIII. "The Japanese are such an interesting little people!" "No, I don't play chess. I haven't got that kind of a brain." X. "No, I never intend to be married.
Page 9 - THE SULPHITIC THEORY ARE YOU A BROMIDE? THE terms "Bromide" and " Sulphite " as applied to psychological rather than chemical analysis have already become, among the illuminati, so widely adopted that these denominations now stand in considerable danger of being weakened in significance through a too careless use. The adjective " bromidic " is at present adopted as a general vehicle, a common carrier for the thoughtless damnation of the Philistine.
Page 21 - And, moreover, it is always offered by the Bromide as a fresh, new, apt and rather clever thing to say. He really believes, no doubt, that it is original — it is, at any rate, neat, as he indicates by his evident expectation of applause. The remark follows upon the physical or mental stimulus as the night the day ; he cannot, then, be true to any other impulse. Originality was inhibited in him since his greatgrandmother's time. He has "got the habit.

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