Theatrical and Circus Life: Or, Secrets of the Stage, Green-room and Sawdust Arena

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Sun Publishing Company, 1882 - Circus - 608 pages
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Page 529 - Shows didn't come every night! Not a woman's face among them ; Many a face that was bad, And some that were only vacant, And some that were very sad. And behind a canvas curtain In a corner of the place, The clown with chalk and vermilion, Was "making up
Page 530 - alive!" He was thronged by kneeling suitors In the midst of the dusty ring, And he held his court right royally, — The fair little baby-king, — Till one of the shouting courtiers, A man with a bold, hard face, The talk, for miles, of the country, And the terror of the place, Raised the little king to his shoulder, And chuckled, "Look at that!" As the chubby fingers clutched his hair, Then, "Boys, hand round the hat!
Page 449 - ... together. In a short time the voice from the roof renewed its lamentations and reproaches, and the whole convent fell on their faces, and vowed a solemn reparation. As a first step, they chanted a De profanŠis in a full choir: during the...
Page 368 - First on de heel tap, den on de toe, Ebery time I wheel about I jump Jim Crow.
Page 530 - The mother started and shivered, But trouble and want were near ; She lifted her baby gently, " You'll be very careful, dear ? " "Careful ? You foolish darling...
Page 530 - I've a couple myself," he said. "I know how to handle 'em, bless you! Old fellow, go ahead!" The fun grew fast and furious, And not one of all the crowd Had guessed that the baby was alive, When he suddenly laughed aloud. Oh, that baby laugh!
Page 531 - There never was such a hatful Of silver, and gold, and notes; People are not always penniless Because they don't wear coats! And then, "Three cheers for the baby!
Page 454 - At the same time, care must be taken not to articulate the consonant sounds plainly, as that would cause the disarrangement of the lips and cavity of the mouth ; and in all imitation voices the consonants must scarcely be articulated at all, especially if the ventriloquist faces the audience. For example : suppose the imitative voice is made to say, " Mind what you are doing, you bad boy...
Page 449 - ... they had bestowed on his memory. Suddenly a voice was heard, apparently proceeding from the roof of the choir, lamenting the situation of the defunct in purgatory, and reproaching the brotherhood with their lukewarmness and want of zeal on his account. The friars, as soon as their astonishment gave them power to speak, consulted together, and agreed to acquaint the rest of the community with this singular event, so interesting to the whole society.
Page 448 - It was not from that quarter," apparently in the same kind of voice as before, but which now seemed to issue from under the earth, at one of the corners of the room. In short, this factitious voice played, as it were, every where about him, and seeirfed to proceed from any quarter or distance from which the operator chose to transmit it to him.

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