A Voyage to California: To Observe the Transit of Venus

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E. and C. Dilly, 1778 - Astronomy - 215 pages
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Page 145 - ... for different fizes. Too much fait burns up the fifh, and makes it brittle when it comes to dry, and too little makes it greafy,. and difficult to dry. The cod is left in fait two days at leaft, and fometimes above a fortnight; then it is warned. For this purpofe they load it on hand barrows, and empty it out into a laver not unlike a great cage, by the fea-fide...
Page 120 - ... all over with fait, and even covers it with more fait; then goes through the fame procefs with the reft of the cod, which he heaps one upon another till the whole is laid up. The...
Page 119 - This man, with a two-edged knife, like a lancet, flits the filh from the anus to the throat, which he cuts acrofs to the bones of the neck ; he then lays down his knife, and pulls out the liver, which he drops into a. kind of tray...
Page 146 - ... the fun, they are again heaped up, fifteen or twenty in a heap, and left till the next fine day, when they once more fpread them upon the gravel. If after 'this they find the...
Page 148 - ... ones are dried again in the fun, and then put on the top of the other piles, that they may be at hand to be looked after, and dried again if they mould want it.
Page 149 - ... days. The cod being thus laid up in the hold, they cover it with fails, and never meddle with it more till they unload it for fale in Europe. For thefe particulars about the curing of cod in the Ifland of St. Pierre, I am beholden to M. de R**, lieutenant of a frigate, who is perfectly acquainted with thefe matters, having been for a long time employed in that bufmefs on the ifland.
Page 42 - Eight walks, with each two rows of trees, terminate at this bason, like a star, but as the soil of Mexico is unfit for trees they are not in a very thriving condition. This is the only walk in or near to Mexico ; all the country about it is swampy ground, and full of canals. A few paces...
Page 144 - ... fait all over the layer of cod. Care muft be taken that this fait be laid on very even. When this layer is fufficiently falted, he fpreads another over it, falts it in, the fame manner, and fo on.
Page 42 - These squares are tolerably regular, and each has a fountain in the middle. To the north of the town, near the suburbs, is the public walk, or Alameda. A rivulet runs all round it, and forms a pretty large square, with a bason and jet d'eau in the middle.

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