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Good book.

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Caution: No spoilers for this book but prb some from the first 2.
I wanted to read this one because I have enjoyed the Morganville Vampire series until now, and I had a bit of break in review
Shane is very moody in this one. I understand he's hurt by Micheal's choices but he took it out on everyone.
There are lots of surprises for Claire to especially with Monica and her change in behavior. .. it was suspicious in some ways and not in others.
The romance is heating up this one a bit. I adored how Eve and Michael were together it was cute. Then there are just enough steamy moments without Shane crossing the line and had me kinda cursing his restraint, although I understand because of the minor thing.
It was a pleasure to meet Myrnin he was so smart it kind of blew my mind and Clare's. He was sick and he's old and he's trying to find a way to cure the vampires and himself from the madness. He is like an old man with dementia though, except he is one with fangs, and Claire can one minute be a friend and another be a tempting and tasty snack that he can barely restrain himself from. But he is so eccentric and passionate, and yes, okay, pity worthy how he changes without control.
This one as usual left us at a place where I didn't really want to stop reading, but since these aren't review books, I knew that I had to put them to the side for now. But I can't wait for the next one to see what will unfold as a result of this books' events and ending.
Bottom Line: Great addition to an addictive series.

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So far I have only read the first 4 books ( this book being # 3) I love them all so far! I can't wait to add more to my home library, as well as my online one. I highly recommend this entire series, though I haven’t read them all I did enjoy the ones I have.
BTW~~ I only have "two" books, but they are the 2-in-1 books ( you know, two different stories in one book)

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Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for
Claire decides that Morganville is simply too dangerous as she offers herself to Amelie - the head vamp. Her first task is to begin studying under
Myrnin, an ancient and very knowledgeable vampire.
He's also deranged half the time and sweet the rest of the time. He lives in a cage due to a virus sweeping through the vampire population. He (and now Claire) has been studying the disease in hopes of finding a cure.
There's also someone killing young girls in town and framing Shane for the murders. Claire's deathly worried about him, her studies, and the fate of the vampire world.
Can she save anyone - and, most importantly, can she save herself?
MIDNIGHT ALLEY is the third excellent installment in the amazing THE MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES series. Don't miss out on this one!
**TRT Gold Star Award

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