Concord, Massachusetts Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 1635-1850

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T. Todd, printer, 1895 - Concord (Mass.) - 496 pages

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Page 1 - ... that there be records kept of the days of every marriage, birth and death of every person within this jurisdiction;" and similar statutes have been ever since in force in Massachusetts.
Page 397 - The school committee of each city or town shall, annually, in the month of May, ascertain, from actual inquiry or otherwise, all the births which have happened within such city or town during the year next preceding the first day of said May, together with the facts concerning births required by the first section of this act...
Page vii - It is probable that the number of such descendants living outside of the town far exceeds the number of those living in it at the present time." The preface says also: "All the members of the committee appointed by the town have given much interest and a good deal of general supervision to the work; but it is simple justice to say that the great burden of investigation and labor has fallen upon Mr. George Tolmari, one of the committee.
Page 1 - ... James Bennet was borne 1. (4.) Bennet. 1640. Thomas the sonne of James Bennet was borne the 16. (8.) 1642. Mary the daughter of James Bloud was borne the 12. Bloud. (5.) 1640. William Bowstred buried 31 (8) 1642 Bowstred. Joseph the sonne of Henry Brookes was borne the 12. Brookes. (2.) 1641. Boaz the sonne of Thomas Browne was borne the 14. Brownt. (12.) 1641. Dorothie the daughter of mr Peter Buckley was borne the Buckley. 2. (6.) 1640. Peter the sonne of m' Peter...
Page 1 - June 14, 1642, another step was taken to secure complete and perfect record, when "clerks of the writs in the several towns were hereafter to record all births and deaths and deliver a return of the same yearly to the recorder of the court belonging to the jurisdiction in which they lived.
Page 2 - In this register are the following entries : "James, the son of William Odle, was born the 2 of the 11 month 1639 and was buried 4 (2) 1641.
Page v - It has been termed with truth one of the ' seed towns.' The descendants of the original settlers are scattered far and wide over the whole country. It is probable that the number of such descendants living outside of the town far exceeds the number of those living in it at the present time.
Page v - After the reading of the foregoing letter, it was Voted, That a committee of five persons be appointed by the Moderator...
Page vii - The volume before us is a model for those who have the charge of printing the records of a town. We commend the indexes particularly to their attention. By indicating whether the record indexed is of a birth, marriage, death, or other item, much time is saved to the reader. The Public Records of the...
Page 397 - III, and he appears also to have made some effort to obtain returns of such births, marriages, and deaths as had previously escaped registration. His successor in office (Mr. Francis R. Gourgas) made some further effort in the same direction, Some such matters will therefore appear here recorded several years out of their proper chronological order.

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