The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations

Front Cover
Pickering, 1838 - 361 pages

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Page 163 - here : Love said, you shall be he. I the unkind, ungrateful ? Ah my dear, I cannot look on thee. Love took my hand, and smiling did reply, Who made the eyes but I ? Truth Lord, but I have marr'd them: let my shame Go where it doth deserve. And know you not, says Love, who bore the blame
Page 127 - THE COLLAR. I STRUCK the board, and cried, No more; I will abroad. What ? shall I ever sigh and pine ? My lines and life are free; free as the road, Loose as the wind, as large as store. Shall I be still in suit ? Have I no harvest but a thorn To let me blood, and not restore
Page 57 - Oh that I were an Orange-tree, That busy plant! Then should I ever laden be, And never want Some fruit for him that dresseth me. But we are still too young or old; The man is gone, Before we do our wares unfold : So we freeze on, Until the grave increase our cold.
Page 1 - The cheapest sins most dearly punish'd are ; Because to shun them also is so cheap: For we have wit to mark them, and to spare. Lie not; but let thy heart be true to God, Thy mouth to it, thy actions to them both : Cowards tell lies, and those that fear the rod ; The stormy
Page 13 - When once thy foot enters the church, be bare. God is more there, than thou: for thou art there Only by his permission. Then beware, And make thyself all reverence and fear. Kneeling ne'er spoil'd silk stocking: quit thy state. All equal are within the church's gate. Resort to sermons,
Page 15 - A HEART alone Is such a stone, As nothing but Thy power doth cut. Wherefore each part Of my hard heart Meets in this frame, To praise thy name : That, if I chance to hold my peace, These stones to praise thee may not cease. 0 let thy blessed SACRIFICE be mine,
Page 32 - world-transposing in an hour, A kind of tune, which all things hear and fear; Softness, and peace, and joy, and love, and bliss, Exalted Manna, gladness of the best, Heaven in ordinary, man well drest, The milky way, the bird of Paradise, Church-bells beyond the stars heard, the soul's blood, The land of spices, something understood.
Page 2 - soul spits lies and froth. Dare to be true. Nothing can need a lie : A fault, which needs it most, grows two thereby. Fly idleness, which yet thou canst not fly By dressing, mistressing, and complement. If those take up thy day, the sun will cry Against thee; for his light was only lent, [feathers God gave thy soul brave wings; put not
Page 108 - dwell ? I humbly Let me once know. [crave, I sought thee in a secret cav.e, And ask'd, if Peace were there. A hollow wind did seem to answer, No: Go seek elsewhere. 1 did; and going did a rainbow note : I will search out the matter. But while I
Page 65 - Farewell, dear flowers, sweetly your time ye spent, Fit, while ye lived, for smell or ornament, And after death for cures. I follow straight without complaints or grief, Since if my scent he good, I care not if It be as short as yours.

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