The Symmes Memorial: A Biographical Sketch of Rev. Zechariah Symmes, Minister of Charlestown, 1634-1671, with a Genealogy and Brief Memoirs of Some of His Descendants. And an Autobiography

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The author, 1873 - 184 pages

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Page 64 - It is covered by a tablet, laid horizontally upon brick work, slightly raised from the ground. On it is the following inscription : — Here rest the remains of John Cleves Symmes, who, at the foot of these hills, made the first settlement between the Miami rivers. Born on Long Island, state of New York, July 21st, AD 1742. Died at Cincinnati, February 26, AD 1814.
Page 8 - ... immigrants, among whom were William and Ann Hutchinson, and John Lathrop. Mr. Symmes settled at Charlestown the same year, where he continued until his death, which happened Feb. 4th, 1671, aged 71 years and 10 months.. His wife Sarah , and several children, came with him. Of the wife, Capt. Johnson says, " among all the godly women that came through the perilous seas to war their warfare, the wife of this zealous teacher shall not be omitted,
Page 4 - This ordination we account nothing else, but the solemn putting a man into his place and office in the church, whereunto he had right before by election ; being like the installing of a magistrate in the commonwealth.
Page 3 - We used imposition of hands, but with this protestation by all, that it was only as a sign of election and confirmation, not of any intent that Mr. Wilson should renounce his ministry he received in England.
Page 28 - This excellent person was ordained pastor of the church in Braintree, in September, 1672, in which sacred employment he continued till his dying day, a diligent, faithful laborer in the harvest of Jesus Christ ; studious in the Holy Scriptures, having an extraordinary gift in prayer above many good men ; and in preaching equal to the most, inferior to few...
Page 96 - Symmes, the planet which has been designated the Earth, is composed of at least five hollow concentric spheres, with spaces between each, an atmosphere surrounding each ; and habitable as well upon the concave as the convex surface. Each of these spheres are widely open at their poles.
Page 29 - He was an eminently laborious and godly man. good men ; and in preaching equal to the most, inferior to few ; zealously diligent for God and the good of men ; one who thought no labor, cost or suffering too dear a price for the good of his people.
Page 60 - Mr. Symmes had made a motion to the court, which he was zealously arguing, notwithstanding frequent interruptions by the judge. Thacher at last became impatient, and said, " Mr. Symmes, you need not persist in arguing the point, for I am not a court of errors, and cannot give a final judgment." " I know," replied Symmes, " that you can't give a final judgment, but as to your not being a court of errors, I will not say.
Page 8 - ... indued by Christ with graces fit for a Wildernesse condition, her courage exceeding her stature, with much cheerfulnesse did undergoe all the difficulties of these times of straites, her God through Faith in Christ supplying all her wants with great industry, nurturing up her young Children in the feare of the Lord, their number being ten both Sons and Daughters, a certaine signe of the Lords intent to people this vast Wildernesse...
Page 8 - Bible well.' says Cotton Mather, ' and he was a preacher of what he knew, and a sufferer for what he preached.'" Some idea may be formed of his remarkable gift of endurance, from the fact that, on the occasion of the organization of the church at Wobum, he is said to have " continued in preaching and prayer about four or five hours.

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