A Family Man: In Three Acts

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C. Scribner's sons, 1922 - 106 pages
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Page 88 - Johnny Builder! Who'd have thought it? CAMILLE. He is an obstinate man. TOPPING. Ah! He's right up against it now. Comes of not knowin' when to stop bein' firm. If you meet a wall with your 'ead, it's any odds on the wall, Camel. Though, if you listened to some, you wouldn't think it.
Page 72 - of all men! What price Mayors! [The telephone rings. Hallo? . . . Poaching charge? Well, bring him too; only, I say, keep him back till the other's over. By the way, Mr. Chantrey's going shooting. He'll want to get off by eleven. What? . . . Righto ! As he hangs up the receiver the MAYOR enters. He looks ivorried, and is
Page 94 - JOHN BUILDER. BUILDER. [Grimly] Humour? I've spent a night in a cell. See this! [He hold* out the document] It disinherits my family. RALPH. John! BUILDER. I've done with those two ladies. As to my wife—if she doesn't come back ! When I suffer, I make others suffer.
Page 28 - up stage. ATHENE. Mother dear, will you go into the other room with Guy ? [She points to the door Right. BUILDER. Why? ATHENE. Because I would rather she didn't hear the reason. GUY. [To ATHENE, sotto voce] He's not safe. ATHENE. Oh! yes; go on. GUY follows MRS. BUILDER, and after hesitation at the door they go
Page 113 - and flings it with all his force. The sound of a crash. BOY'S VOICE. [Very distant] Ya-a-ah! Missed! BUILDER stands leaning out, face injected with blood, shaking his fist. The CURTAIN falls for a few seconds. SCENE m Evening the same day. BUILDER'S study is dim and neglected-looking ; the window is still open, though it has become night.
Page 91 - writes to the papers, there's always a Scotchman after him next morning. Seems to be a fact of 'uman nature, like introducin' rabbits into a new country and then weasels to get rid of 'em. And then something to keep down the weasels. But
Page 33 - if you start by allowing a woman to impose her crazy ideas about marriage on you, all I can say is—I despise you. [He crosses to the outer door, followed by his wife. To ATHENE] I've done with you ! [He goes out.
Page 51 - BUILDER. [Stock-still, and staring at the door] That girl's a continual irritation to me! She's dangerous ! What a life! I believe that girl The door Left is opened and MRS. BUILDER comes in. BUILDER. There's some coffee coming; do your
Page 41 - Oh! no, sir. Of course you can't be a family without, can you ? GUY. What have you got in that thing? ANNIE is moving across with the bread pan. She halts at the bedroom door. ANNIE. Oh! please, ma'am, I was to give you a message—very important—from Miss Maud Builder: "Lookout! Father is coming!" [She goes out. The CURTAIN falls. ACT II
Page 78 - the eye. CHANTREY. And then he saw black? MAYOR. [With corrective severity] But did 'e 'it 'im with the stick? MAUD. No-no. I don't think he did. MAYOR. Then who supplied the—er—momentum? MAYOR. Hand up the cane. The SERGEANT hands up the cane.

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