Logarithmetic Tables of Numbers and Trigonometric Functions

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Weidmanns, 1887 - Logarithms - 575 pages
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Page xii - A = ca, from which we see that the logarithm of a product is the sum of the logarithms of the factors...
Page xii - Logarithms (Briggs's) are the only ones used to facilitate extensive numerical calculations. In this system, the logarithm of a number is the index of that power of 10 which is equal to the number. If for example a and b are the logarithms of the numbers A and B, we have 10...
Page xx - From 0 to 45 the degrees are placed at the top of the page; the minutes and seconds, denoted with ' and " on the left hand margin, which is to be combined with the heading at the top of the page. From 45 to 90 the degrees are put at the bottom of the page, the minutes and seconds at the right hand margin, and the name of the trigonometrical function at the foot of the column. Arguments that are opposite one another are complementary (ie make together 90) and the sines and tangents (ie...
Page 363 - M-0 6 it.8 l 35'6 8 38.4 9 4J- t n Sin d. Tang dc Cotg Cos d. 1 30 O 9-335 3368 9-345 755* 007 0.654 2448 9.989 5815 4.7 0 30 10 9-335 431?

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