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W. Clowes and Sons, 1884 - Electricity - 250 pages

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Page ix - Exhibition, 1884, then the Exhibitor to whom such machinery, implement, or article may belong shall indemnify and hold harmless the said Council from and against all actions, suits, expenses and claims on account or in respect of any such damage or injury which may be so caused or occasioned.
Page 187 - The notion of Including in one volume all the helps that a clergyman or teacher would be likely to want for the study of the Bible has never been realised before with the same success that you have attained in the OXFORD BIBLE FOR TEACHERS.
Page ix - All fulminating and explosive substances, and all dangerous substances, are absolutely forbidden to be sent. 32. Spirits, alcohol, oils, essences, corrosive substances, and generally all substances which might spoil other articles or inconvenience the public, can only be received in solid and suitable vessels of small size.
Page xliii - ... the same limits, be also shown. In more detail there will be exhibited : the materials and processes employed in preparing sterilised cultivating media — cultivations of various micro-organisms, especially those associated with disease — modes of demonstrating bacteria by staining, etc. — modes of investigating bacteria in air, water, and soil, and of isolating and studying the organisms found — methods for testing the power of chemical agents in destroying bacteria, with illustrations...
Page 170 - Apparatus and examples used in primary and secondary schools for teaching handicraft; models, plans and designs for the fitting up of workshop and industrial schools; results of industrial work done in such schools. Class 848.
Page 41 - ... study of the Holy Scriptures, within a moderate compass, which I have ever met with. I shall make constant use of it ; and imagine that few who are occupied with, or interested in the close study of the Scriptures, will allow such a companion to be far from their side."— THE REV.
Page xii - Illustrations of diseases and deformities caused by unwholesome trades and professions ; methods of combating these diseases ; preservative measures, etc.
Page 138 - Apparatus and models for elementary science instruction in schools. Apparatus for chemistry, physics, mechanics, etc.; diagrams, copies, text-books, etc.; specimens of the school work in these subjects.
Page xxxix - ... special appliances for ventilation, other than those which may be considered more suitable for Class 24. These will include means for cooling the air supplied to rooms ; means for improving the condition of the air in rooms ; methods for setting air ; the results of experimental researches into the state of air vitiated by combustion or by respiration ; results of experiments on ventilation, and any other means of effecting improvement in matters relating to this class or of diffusing knowledge...
Page 13 - It is equally susceptible of plain and simple treatment for ordinary domestic purposes, and one of its chief recommendations is the facility with which it may be prepared. Boiled with milk, and with or without the addition of sugar and...

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