English Rule in Gascony, 1199-1295: With Special Reference to the Towns

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G. Wahr, 1912 - British - 178 pages

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Page 162 - Les Anglais en Guyenne. L'administration anglaise et le mouvement communal dans le Bordelais.
Page iii - In its original form this study was presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Michigan. It has since been considerably extended and much recast, owing to the appearance of additional volumes in the Rolls series.
Page 96 - It would appear, then, that of the royal creditors Gaillard Colom, Raymond Makayn, Peter Calhau and Peter Gondemer were members of the Colombine party, and that on the other side stood the seneschal Rustengo de Soler, Arnold Maysent and Rustengo de Mercato. The significance of this is to be seen in the fact that the great bulk of the money lent to the king was advanced by one of the two political parties in the town, and that the party which would seem to have been in opposition. In 1241 Rustengo...
Page 153 - The extent of English rule on the Continent may roughly be defined as the radius within which the Bordeaux-Bayonne pressure was strongly felt. Outside that radius England never gained a durable hold. Within that radius her grasp was strong even in weakness .... A system of privileges which in its results closely approximates to the preferential tariff of today united the scattered realm of Henry.
Page 78 - Peter acted on this occasion as the agent of John Bivernan of Bordeaux, Peter Ernaldi de la Gride of Dax, and William Vidou de Perer of Bayonne.
Page 160 - ... the subtitles Livre de Bouillons and Privileges de Bordeaux. The most important part of the archives of Dax has been published by M. Abbadie under the title Le Livre noir et les útablissements de Dax, Paris, 1902. This work forms the thirty-seventh volume of the Archives historiques du Departement de la Gironde.
Page 137 - Calhau" and had thanked the commune of Bordeaux for its loyal attitude.10 Some of the rebellious citizens may of course have been wine merchants whose wines had been seized by the English government, since we are only entitled to conclude that the Soler party were not primarily interested in the wine trade and not that they had no interest in it. Even in the case of the Solers themselves we may well imagine some continued 0 Such would seem to be indicated by his numerous borrowings.
Page 129 - For the rest, the seneschal fortified and waited for the malcontents to strike the first blow.77 At length, having allowed the earl to expend most of his money in fortifications and other expenses, his enemies rose in open revolt in January of I25I.78 The leaders of the insurgents were Gaston of Bearn, Amaneus d'Albret, the viscount of Fronsac and other nobles, reinforced by Gaillard de Soler and many citizens from Bordeaux, La Reole and...
Page 96 - Gondemer was acting mayor in 1253," when the Colombines were in power and the Solers banished from the city. Makayn can hardly have been identified with the Soler faction, although it is true that when, in 1249, Henry ordered the viscounts of London to seize such of this party as could be found in that city, we find among those named a Raymond Arnold...
Page 34 - See under the name in the index of the above volume. to the mayor and commune of La Rochelle asking them to lend the new seneschal 500 marks. Fearing apparently that his request might not be complied with he addressed a second letter to the probis hominibus of Bordeaux asking them to advance the money if La Rochelle failed to do so. Hubert solemnly promised to repay the money within forty days after the receipt of letters from Philip certifying that it had been made.58 Furthermore Hubert induced...