APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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American Psychological Association, 2011 - Organizational behavior
The field of industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology is rapidly evolving and has entered a new frontier: The world of work and workers is changing; approaches to studying issues are becoming more diverse, more multidisciplinary, and more interdisciplinary; and the study has broadened to include individuals, teams, organizations, environments, cultures, and societies. The goal of this handbook is to capture these current changes and the implications that they have for the research and practice of I/O psychology. This handbook presents what is currently known and, perhaps more important, suggests avenues for further pursuit in light of the conditions existing today and aims to educate and inform readers about the field and how it might have an impact on the future. The purpose of this handbook is to present the types of issues that I/O psychologists study, the questions they pursue, the research they conduct, and the interventions they implement. We present these from both theoretical and applied perspectives. Volume 1 is titled Building and developing the organization. The chapters in this volume discuss the foundation for I/O psychology, the field itself, and then engage the issues that one considers when an individual begins to plan for an organization. Part I presents the foundational issues in I/O psychology. Part II focuses on perspectives on designing organizations and human resource systems. Part III in Volume I focuses on specific issues identified with designing work and structuring experiences for the members of the organization."

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