Indian Buddhism: A Survey with Bibliographical Notes

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Motilal Banarsidass Publ., 1987 - Religion - 423 pages

This work presents a survey of Indian Buddhism with detailed bibliographical notes. Besing itself on recent studies, it is intended to introduce studies in various aspects of Indian Buddhism carried on by Japanese scholars as well as Western and Asian, especially Indian, scholars. The main text constitutes a gengeral survey of the development of Indian Buddhism, and studies by scholars past and present are mentioned in full detail in copious footnotes with due evaluations. This work can be regarded, so to speak, as a development with revisions, of the Buddhist portion of M. Winternitz` History of Indian Literature. Major studies before and after Winternitz` work are exhaustively mentioned. As a reference work also this book is of extreme help to scholars and students alike. The work has been edited by Prof. Ramesh Mathur.


Foreword, Preface, I. General Survey of Buddhism, II. early Buddhism: 1. The Time of the Rise of Buddhism, 2. The Life of Gotama Buddha and his Disciples, The Scriptures of Early Buddhism, Aspects of Original Buddhism, The Thought of Early Buddhism, The Practice of Early Buddhism, The Worship of Buddhas and Faith, Social Thought, III. Conservative Buddhism and Transition to Mahayana: Historical background, Philosophical Schools, Philosophical Thought, Biographies of the Buddha, The Poet Asvaghosa and his school, The Avadana Literature, IV. Mahayana Buddhism: Historical Background, Mahayana Sutras, The Philosophical Schools of Mahayana, V. Logicians: Before Dignaga, Dignaga, Dharmakirti, Logicians at the Final Stage, Some Features of Indian Logic, VI. Esoteric Buddhism: the Beginning, Systematization, The Final Stage, Some Features of Esoteric Buddhism, Addenda et Corrigenda, Abbreviations and Periodicals, Index.


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Page 268 - English). 2 E. Frauwallner: On the Date of the Buddhist Master of the Law Vasubandhu, SOR III, Roma, IsMEO, 1951.
Page 66 - The Noble Truth of the Path leading to the Cessation of suffering is this: It is simply the Noble Eightfold Path, namely right view; right thought, right speech; right action; right livelihood; right effort; right mindfulness; right concentration.
Page 44 - Nach den Handschriften der Königl. Bibliothek in Copenhagen im Grundtexte herausgegeben, übersetzt und erklärt von Friedrich Spiegel.
Page 11 - Vortragsreihe der Niedersächsischen Landesregierung zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung in Niedersachsen. Heft 56).
Page 381 - Berichte über die Verhandlungen der Königl. Sächsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig.
Page 8 - The historical data we possess on the Person and the Doctrine of the Buddha, EW.
Page 42 - UDANAVARGA. A Collection of Verses from the Buddhist Canon. Compiled by Dharmatrata. Being the Northern Buddhist Version of Dhammapada. Translated from the Tibetan of Bkah-hgyur, with Notes, and Extracts from the Commentary of Pradjnavarman, by W. Woodville Rockhill.
Page 115 - Milindapanha doubts are expressed about the god-like character of the Buddha, but the existence of the Buddha is strongly asserted.9 Also in this work some interesting dilemmas are discussed, such as : (a) If there is no soul, what is the nature of rebirth ? (b) Why should a perfectly enlightened person, such as the Buddha, suffer and die ? (c) What is meant by Truth ? (d) What is wrong with philosophical discussion ? (e) If life is suffering, why is suicide not a way out ? (f ) Why do the virtuous...
Page 392 - Sacred Books of the Buddhists. Translated by various Oriental scholars and edited by CAF Rhys Davids, Oxford, Oxford University Press, various dates, as noted.
Page 148 - Manselli, The Legend of Barlaam and Joasaph in Byzantium and in the Romance Europe, EW.

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