On the Branch

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E. P. Dutton, 1909 - 406 pages
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Page 98 - Nearer, my God, to Thee, Nearer to Thee! E'en though it be a cross That raiseth me; Still all my song shall be. Nearer, my God, to Thee, Nearer to Thee!
Page 263 - Well, I hope not. But she seems to me to be exactly cut out for an old maid ; — to be aunt Lucy for ever and ever to your bairns." " And so she shall, with all my heart. But I don't think she will, very long. I have no doubt she will be hard to please ; but if I were a man I should fall in love with her at once. Did you ever observe her teeth, Mark? "
Page 309 - ... all those who were able to see and hear were overwhelmed by the elemental and extraordinary outburst of enthusiasm displayed then in favor of the friendship of Germany and France, of the union of Europe as they both wish it and of their common action in the world. I for my part —I must admit— I was touched by it to the very depths of my soul and strengthened in my conviction that the new policy of Franco-German relations is based on an incomparable popular basis.
Page 167 - I could mention a king who is more so than people born in the Rue du Sentier. Napoleon I. was bourgeois, Napoleon II.
Page 155 - See page 166. laughed at it without the slightest feeling of compassion. I would have given a great deal to have been able to put it out of its misery, but I did not want the man to see that I had no pistol with me, and I was, therefore, obliged to let the animal lie. There was absolutely no food, yet the man said the mule would live eight days. There were plenty of Condors wheeling about in different directions, but they...
Page 152 - ... unpleasant. HAUSER. [Bends and talks in a low voice]. Now don't worry about me, Beermann. I will know how to protect your interests. The law gives me the right to remain silent in any event. BEERMANN. Well then . . . [nervously runs his fingers through his hair] I really have to begin a little way back. The last few days I have been thinking a great deal about monogamy. I am surely the last person to doubt the high moral value of the marriage vow, but there is something to be said on the other...
Page 404 - Action — to * [:: of the nose the tendons, the one on the right side and the other on the left, blend together and unite in one common tendon, which is inserted upon the superior part of the upper lip. Action — to corrugate the upper lip, and thence to raise it. CANINUS is situated over the two anterior molar teeth.
Page 40 - Tuileries, looking at the beautiful view of the Arc de Triomphe, at the end of the Avenue des Champs...
Page 62 - I believe in myself because I believe in God — and I believe in God because I believe in myself.
Page 220 - ... certain curious individuals, always the same ones, walk up and down the hall to see who is there and who is not there.

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