The Rhetoric of Aristotle, Volume 1

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University Press, 1877 - Rhetoric

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Page 85 - For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.
Page 243 - And I beseech you, Wrest once the law to your authority: To do a great right do a little wrong, And curb this cruel devil of his will.
Page 26 - For almost all other arts and sciences are judged by acts or masterpieces, as I may term them, and not by the successes and events. The lawyer is judged by the virtue of his pleading, and not by the issue of the cause. The master in the ship is judged by the directing his course aright, and not by the fortune of the voyage.
Page 76 - spur that the clear spirit doth raise, that last infirmity of noble minds, to scorn delights,
Page 79 - To mistake money for wealth, is the same sort of error as to mistake the highway which may be the easiest way of getting to your house or lands, for the house and lands themselves.
Page 192 - In English, unfortunately, we have no term capable of adequately expressing what is common both to will and desire ; that is, the nisus or conatus — the tendency towards the realisation of their end. By will is meant a free and deliberate, by desire
Page 121 - ('a table of colours or appearances of good and evil and their degrees, as places of persuasion and dissuasion, and their several fallaxes, and the
Page 216 - Not to admire is all the art I know, To make men happy and to
Page 298 - Some few verbs are used both with the accusative and the dative (in applying this to the Greek, for dative, must be substituted, ' some other case with or without a preposition',) without any perceptible difference in their signification,
Page 217 - them so.' Plain truth, dear Murray, needs no flowers of speech, So take it in the very words of Creech.

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