From Drug Dealer to Christian

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Many times the Lord has moved me to write this book. I'm not sure why, and for a long time ignored the idea. But after I was moved to start a bible discussion at my home, I began to see the many different views of the truth and many different from my own. I couldn't help but wonder why, were we not all raised on the bible and taught by the same Spirit? I have always thought that all Christians believed as I do, and serve God as I have. For so many years I walked a lone road with God. Not many Christian friends, no church, all I knew is the things that God taught me. Some wonder how I stood so strong and through such hard times with out it. I know that I would not be here today if it had not been for Gods mercy. I only know one life, and that's to serve him. The passion and the desire for the truth that has always been normal to me are seldom found in many around me. Many things I have seen and herd in this world have troubled my Spirit. God has shown me so many wonderful things in the bible that the worldly mind can not comprehend. The world is built on carnality and a carnal mind can not understand the things of God. The hidden mysteries the bible speaks about are only hidden to them that are blind. God opens the truth to those worthy of it. I only know what the Holy Spirit has thought me. Many of these things I touch on in this book. I don't ask you to believe anything I say. I only ask that you trust the Holy Spirit and he will teach you.

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