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Quite engaging, although I have no way of judging how accurate or truthful it is. I tend to trust it about - say - 80%? Perhaps 75%? Which is pretty good for a book of its type. But I couldn't say why ... Read full review

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This book could be very informative, if it wasnt so poorly written. This was a required reading for my class on Torture and Human Rights at the University of Washington. As a junior in the college, I have had a lot of experience in reading academic writings, and have even taken a number of academic writing courses. It seems to me that even the most basic argumentative writing "rules" have been broken in this book. The sentences are run-on for a majority of the script, and none of the weitnesses or sources has any credibility. in one instance the author literally writes that "an employee" of an important government office has some very implicating and decisive comments to make. How she thinks that an "employee" of anything is a credible source in a government agency is absurd. In my estimation, the majority of her sources are stretched beyond their real importance. how do we know this wasn't the janitor at the pentagon who has suddenly decided he can be a credible witness to the inter-workings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? 

LibraryThing Review

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If you have not read this book, PLEASE DO SO AT ONCE. It is absolutely essential. Read full review

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