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The Society., 1840 - Architecture
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Page 15 - Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Sion ; for it is time that thou have mercy upon her ; yea, the time is come. 14 And why? thy servants think upon her stones, and it pitieth them to see her in the dust.
Page cxxiv - Society, they shall request the author to furnish a copy, and shall decide upon the number of copies to be printed, provided always that the number bo sufficient to supply each Member with one copy, and the author and Secretaries with twentyfive copies each.
Page 69 - Vol. I., 5s. 6d. ; Vol. II., with Two Engravings, 5s. 6d. ; Vol. III., with Seven Engravings, 6s. 6d.; Vol. IV., (New Series, I.) with Four Engravings, 8s. ; Vol. V., (NS II.) with Three Engravings, 8s. 6d. ; Vol. VI. (NS III.) with Three Engravings, price 7s.
Page xix - And they came unto the brook of Eshcol and cut down from thence a branch with one cluster of grapes and they bare it between two upon a staff; and they brought of the pomegranates and of the figs.
Page 49 - The object of art is to 30 give the whole ad hominem ; hence each step of nature hath its ideal, and hence the possibility of a climax up to the perfect form of a harmonized chaos. To the idea of life...
Page 7 - Congress is to bring together members of the Church of England and of Churches in communion with her for free deliberation, and for the exchange of opinion and experience, on subjects which affect the practical efficiency of the Church and the means of defence and extension : also for the encouragement of a general interest in these and kindred subjects amongst the Clergy and Laity in different parts...
Page 53 - Very Rev. William, DD Dean of Westminster; Reader in Geology and Mineralogy, Vice-president •Buckle, WBA Oriel College Buckle, Rev.
Page 36 - Who builds a church to God, and not to Fame, Will never mark the marble with his name...
Page 69 - Let our first demand be therefore, that in the external form of religion such things as are apparently, or can be sufficiently proved, effectual and generally fit to set forward godliness, either as betokening the greatness of God, or as beseeming the dignity of religion, or as concurring with celestial impressions in the minds of men, may be reverently thought of; some few, rare, casual, and tolerable, or otherwise curable, inconveniences notwithstanding.

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