Sewage Purification in America: A Description of the Municipal Sewage Purification Plants in the United States and Canada

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Engineering News Publishing Company, 1893 - Sewage - 196 pages
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Page 4 - ... to take, hold and convey, to, into and through the said city, the water of Long Pond, so called, in the towns of Natick, Wayland and Framingham, and the waters which may flow into and from the same, and any other ponds and streams within the distance of four miles from said Long Pond, and any water rights connected therewith...
Page 4 - ... real estate necessary for laying and maintaining aqueducts for conducting, discharging, disposing of, and distributing water, and for forming reservoirs ; and may also take and hold any land on and around the margin of...
Page 4 - ... other ponds and streams so far as may be necessary for the preservation and purity of the same, for the purpose of furnishing a supply of pure water for the said city of Boston.
Page 60 - ... from the level of the brook to one corner of the nearly square tract. The pond was obliterated, the willows and much other vegetation were cleared away, the brook was confined within stone walls and all except the steep hillside was thoroughly underdrained.
Page 109 - Health Officer of Los Angeles, from which the following extract is taken : At the southeast angle of the city limits this water (sewage) is taken by the South Side Irrigation Company and conducted through a 22-inch cement pipe a distance of six miles to the sandy plains below the town of Florence.
Page 54 - VII., shows the arrangement of these ridges and slopes. The elevations selected and the forms of these areas were determined largely by the question of economy in moving the earth. These areas were brought to a uniform grade, except at the points where the sewage is received from the distributing gutters. Here the surface was slightly elevated, to secure a better distribution over the surface when the sewage is first discharged on an area.
Page 66 - CRKKK. broken stone at the top of the hill on the south side of the creek, Mr. Slaw stated, has never been cleaned, except that one section has had one cleaning. The broken stone at the head of the areas on both sides of the creek showed only a small amount of rags and paper which had been caught. At the dam of broken stone at the top of the steep hillside, and at the first barrier below, sludge accumulates and has to be shovelled out. Except at the first or stone barrier, the sewage rarely runs...
Page 6 - The city has a right to be protected against the necessity of maintaining works for the preservation of the purity of the water from such a cause. If the acts of the defendant in fouling the stream have made it necessary for the city to resort to extraordinary means for preserving the purity of the water of the pond, he cannot justify the continuance of such illegal fouling by showing that the city has thus far been able, by the maintenance of special works, to prevent the natural result of his acts.
Page 4 - COCHITUATE. In 1846 the Legislature, by an act entitled "An act for supplying the city of Boston with pure water," authorized the city of Boston " to take, hold, and convey to, into and through said city the water of Long pond, so called (now Lake Cochituate), in the towns of Natick, Wayland...
Page 118 - ... four feet deep. Near the top of the drain an Akron pipe is laid with the bell joints on the down grade end, and through these joints the sewage escapes to the drain. They are covered with earth and extend for some three or four hundred feet across the field into a wooded area where they end abruptly. There are six of these drains in use. At the tank there is a slight odor, but usually none at the outlet of the effluent into the river. At intervals of...

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