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Not just another book like earlier ones by Rees and Taleb cataloguing global catastrophe scenarios, but an account of how complexity theory figures in explicating disparate kinds of extreme event ... Read full review

X-EVENTS: The Collapse of Everything

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Award-winning mathematician and complexity scientist Casti (Mood Matters: From Rising Skirt Lengths to the Collapse of World Powers, 2010, etc.) lays out a series of worst-case scenarios—peak oil ... Read full review

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X-Events: The Collapse of Everything was very enjoyable to read. I highly recommend it to those who are interested in the topic of doomsday scenarios. The author discusses in a mature and well thought-out fashion. A lot of research also went into the various scenarios explored throughout the book, so the topics are grounded in substance and not lofty or too theoretical.
There is also a fantastic bibliography at the end of the book for further reading. Essentially, one can read and research further and delve deeper into the source material the author used. This latter aspect alone makes the book a valuable addition to one's library — it is a great resource for further research.

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The book is worth reading to get an alternate point of view and to hear Mr. Casti's analysis.
But I am an odd man out here as I just don't buy his basic premise - that catastrophic events will be
caused by complexity and that uprisings and wars are caused by "complexity imbalances." His arguments just did not convince.
When Mr. Casti describes what would occur if the entire Internet went down, his reasoning did not persuade me that the world will end. I think I will still be able to get a danish and coffee at Starbucks the next morning.
Surely 9-11 was an X event and we have learned that Osama Bin Laden meant for it to bring about the collapse of the United States. But it didn't. The NY Stock Exchange was back in business the next day.
But let's hear some more on this topic. I am willing to be convinced that I am in the wrong here.
Let's keep thinking about this.

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