Journal of a residence in the Sandwich islands during ... 1823, 1824, and 1825, with notes by W. Ellis

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Page 304 - thy forest solitudes, he climbs O'er crags, that proudly tower above the deep, And knows that sense of danger which sublimes The breathless moment—when his daring step Is on the verge of the cliff, and he can hear The low dash of the wave with startled ear;—
Page 282 - shalt thou come, but no farther; and here shall thy proud waves be staid." And in the lively contemplation of the marvellous wisdom and omnipotence that overlooks and upholds the mighty wonders of the universe, we could not but feel the force of the humbling interrogative,
Page 86 - and welcome!" —And after tea, having assembled along the side of the ship next the land, we almost insensibly joined in singing the appropriate hymn— " O'er the gloomy hills of darkness Look, my soul, be still and gaze."— We had scarce finished the first line, before we were encircled by the officers and crew, with a seriousness that bespoke a participation of the sentiments on which
Page 252 - As truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord
Page 54 - The sounding forest fluctuates in the storm, To sink in warm repose, and hear the din Howl o'er the steady battlements, delights Above the luxury of common sleep." Monday, Dec. 30. Within the last two days, we have, for the first time, had
Page 60 - (exoccetus volitans.) This is a beautiful animal, six or eight inches in length, and of slender and delicate form. Until now, I had an impression that it received its name from springing in the air, for a moment only, and then sinking into its native element; but, within the last fortnight, flocks of
Page 21 - do not mean to say, that the Letter did not come from the " Islands, but it certainly was manufactured by some other perę son." This answer, which his Lordship has so obligingly returned, is decisive, and shews most distinctly the snare into which the Editor of the Quarterly Review has fallen on this point,
Page 109 - To CAPT. CLASBY. Love to you. This is my communication to you. You have done well in bringing hither the new teachers. You shall pay nothing on account of the harbour—no, nothing at all. Grateful affection to you.
Page 132 - and custom-house fees to a large sum; and when told that maritime states in other countries derived large revenues in this manner, he immediately said " Well then, I will have fees for my harbour too;
Page 319 - and his chiefs in the prosecution of the war : it has been conducted with as little as possible of the former sanguinary spirit of their conflicts. The rebel party proved small in number and weak in power, all avowedly pagans, with George, a professed sceptic, at their head.* * Although George Tamoree, or

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