The Eclectic Physiology for Use in Schools

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Van Antwerp, Bragg & Company, 1884 - Hygiene - 183 pages
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Page 16 - Psoas Magnus Draws the thigh forward. Rectus Extends the leg. Vastus Extends the leg. Biceps Flexes the leg. Gracilis Flexes the leg. Extensor Digitorum Flexes the foot and extends the toes. Gastrocnemius Extends the foot. See Plate II. CHAPTER IV. THE SKIN. 34. The Uses of the Skin. — The skin forms a beautiful, pliable covering for the body. By the exceeding toughness of the skin, the tender parts beneath it are protected from injury. The nerves of the skin tell when an object touches us. The...
Page 170 - ANDREWS'S ELEMENTARY GEOLOGY. An Elementary Geology, designed especially for the Interior States. By EB ANDREWS, LL. D., late of the Ohio Geological Corps, and Professor in Marietta College.
Page 80 - ABOVX. — 1. Great fissure. 2. Anterior lobes. 3. Posterior lobea. 114. The cerebro-spinal system consists of the brain, the spinal cord, and the various nerves that connect these two with the skin and muscles. Through this system, we know when any thing touches us. Through this system, the mind learns the condition of the body. The mind controls the body through this system.
Page 169 - I2mo., 355 pp. Maps and pictorial illustrations. The wants of common schools, and those of higher grade unable to give much time to the study of history, are here exactly met. The teacher is aided by Review Questions at the end of each principal division of the book, and by references to other works in which each subject will be found more fully treated. THALHEIMER'S ANCIENT HISTORY. A Manual of Ancient History from the Earliest Times to the fall of the Western Empire, AD 476. 8vo., full cloth, 365...
Page 169 - A compact volume, comprehensive in scope, but sufficiently brief to be completed in one school term. Its statements of historical facts are based upon the studies of the most recent and reliable authorities. The maps are superior in fullness, accuracy and beauty. BARNES'S BRIEF HISTORY OF FRANCE.
Page 146 - If given at all, it should be in very small quantities frequently repeated, and continued until a place of safety is reached. I have known the most unpleasant consequences to result from the injudicious use of whiskey for the purpose of temporary stimulation, and have also known strong able-bodied men to have become utterly incapable of resisting cold in consequence of the long-continued use of alcoholic drinks.
Page 146 - Such a poison is alcohol ; such, in all its forms, mix it as you may. It is never digested and converted into nourishment.
Page 145 - Alcohol cannot answer any one of those important purposes for which the use of Water is required in the system ; and that, on the other hand, it tends to antagonize many of those purposes, by its power of precipitating most of the organic compounds, whose solution in water is essential to their appropriation by the living body.
Page 2 - I2mo, cloth, 189 pages . . .60 cents A low-priced text-book, adapted to the requirements of the new school laws relating to instruction in this branch. The effects of narcotics and stimulants on the body and mind are duly set forth. Much attention given to proper sanitary condition in the home. Language plain and didactic in style. FOSTER & TRACY'S PHYSIOLOGY AND HYGIENE. (Science Primer Series.) By M. FOSTER, MD, and RS TRACY, MD...
Page 170 - SCHUYLER'S LOGIC. The principles of Logic. By A. ScHUYLER, LL. D., Pres't of Baldwin University; author of Algebra, Trigonometry, Surveying, etc. i2mo, cloth, 168 pp. Price, 60 c.; postage and mailing, 10 c.

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