Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Volume 32

Front Cover
The Society, 1911 - Mechanical engineering
Vols. 2, 4-11, 62-68 include the Society's Membership list; v. 55-80 include the Journal of applied mechanics (also issued separately) as contributions from the Society's Applied Mechanics Division.

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Page 625 - ... the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to be held in London, September, 1951.
Page 854 - ... the energy-loss in the motors. This loss is much greater in the single-phase system than in the continuous-current system. There appears little prospect of general electrification of the railways of this country, as no advantage is apparent which would in any way justify the expense. It is only in the case of heavy suburban service that there is prospect of commercial advantage accruing from electrification, and whilst there may be other local opportunities for electrical working, there is at...
Page 1480 - Engineering may become affiliated with their respective national professional engineering societies, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, as each of these organizations has authorized a student chapter at the University of Vermont.
Page 968 - In conclusion, the author repeats, and earnestly recommends to the serious consideration of railway engineers and those in authority, the pressing need of determining the system which admits of the largest extension of railway electrification and of a prompt selection of those standards of electrification which will render possible a complete interchange of traffic, in order to save expense in the future and to avoid difficulties and delays certain to arise unless some common understanding is arrived...
Page 1074 - Engineers, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.
Page 12 - Special meetings may be held at such times and places as the Council may determine.
Page 947 - As an illustration of the wonders of the laws of nature, few inventions or discoveries with which we are familiar can excel the static transformer of the electrical energy of alternating currents of high voltage into the equivalent energy at a lower voltage. To have discovered how to make an inert mass of metal capable of transforming alternating currents of...
Page 1094 - Schencctady and Troy in 1866 was delayed a couple of hours due to a collision between two freight trains. The loss of time and the inconvenience arising from it suggested that if the engineers of those trains had had some means of applying brakes to all of the wheels of their trains, the accident in question might have been avoided and the time of my fellow-passengers and myself might have been saved.
Page 959 - With three-phase motors as now constructed and arranged upon locomotives, it is possible with no additional complication so to utilize the motors when locomotives are moving trains upon a descending grade that they become generators and return current to the line, a feature of value in certain mountainous districts but not of controlling- importance in the selection of a universal system. THE SINGLE-PHASE MOTOR.
Page 11 - ... Committee may cause the accounts of the Society to be audited and approved annually by a chartered or other competent public accountant. The Committee shall hold monthly meetings for the audit of bills and such other business as shall come before it and shall deliver to the Secretary for presentation to the Council at the end of each fiscal year, a report of the financial condition of the Society for...

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