The fifth (-seventh) book of Xenophon's Anabasis, with a vocabulary by J.T. White, Book 6

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Page 187 - WITH ENGLISH VOCABULARIES. EDITED BY JOHN T. WHITE, DD OXON. MESSRS. LONGMANS & CO. desire to call attention to the important Series of very cheap Grammar-School Texts (Latin and Greek) which they are now publishing, each containing between one and two hundred pages, 32mo, in strong cloth binding, and sold at prices varying from Ninepence to Half-a-Crown.
Page 45 - VOCABULARY. NB — Regularly-formed Participles and Tenses of Verbs are not separately given, except for special reasons. Figures referring to any passage denote the chapter ana paragraph ; eg, 4, 49 = chapter 4, paragraph 49.
Page 185 - Inf. to mark a result or effect. — b. With Inf. to mark an intention or intended result : So as, as for, for the purpose of doing, etc. «fre, neut. dat. sing, of 3<TT6 ; for еф
Page 125 - Attic voulu, p. vtvi/iiKa, 1. aor. ivéluaa, va [v¿n-os, " a custom"] (" To hold, or own, as a custom"; hence, "to hold, own, or recognize, as"; hence) 1. With Objective clause : To hold, deem, regard, consider, think, etc., that, etc.
Page 188 - Latin Text with English Explanatory and Grammatical Notes, and a Vocabulary of Proper Names. Edited by JOHN T. WHITE, DD Oxon.
Page 122 - ... adv. and conj. : 1. Adv. : a. Not, as conveying a negative impression ; also, in independent clauses, containing a com inand, entreaty, warning, or expressing a wish or fear.

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