The Nonconformist's Memorial: Being an Account of the Ministers, who Were Ejected Or Silenced After the Restoration, Particularly by the Act of Uniformity, which Took Place on Bartholomew-Day, Aug. 24, 1662 : Containing a Concise View of Their Lives and Characters ...

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Page 540 - After a slumber, he waked, and said, ' I shall rest from my labour.' A minister then present, said, ' And your works will follow you.' To whom he replied,' No works; I will leave out works, if God will grant me the other.
Page 260 - ... assembly melted into tears. This address was accompanied with such animated, yet natural action, that it surpassed any thing I ever saw or heard in any other preacher.
Page 533 - Richard, Richard, dost thou think we'll hear thee poison the court ? Richard, thou art an old fellow, an old knave ; thou hast written books enough to load a cart, every one as full of sedition, I might say treason, as an egg is full of meat. Hadst thou been whipped out of thy writing trade forty years ago, it had been happy.
Page 539 - I can assure you, that your whole life, be it ever so long, is little enough to prepare for death. Have a care of this vain, deceitful world, and the lusts of the flesh ; be sure you choose God for your portion, heaven for your home, God's glory for your end, his word for your rule, and then you need never fear but we shall meet with comfort.
Page 539 - His pacific spirit was a clear character of his being a child of God. How ardently he endeavoured to cement the breaches among us, which others widen and keep open, is publicly known. He said to a friend, ' I can as willingly be a martyr for love, as for any article of the creed.
Page 502 - Upon which he told him he was one of the ministers who had been lately ejected from the Church; and that having nothing of his own left, he was content for a livelihood to submit to the honest and peaceful employment of tending sheep.
Page 262 - Father in heaven is merciful ; love your enemies, and do good to them that hate you ; that ye may be the children of your Father who is in heaven ; for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just, and on the unjust.
Page 602 - I doubt not sanctified his afflictions for the bettering of his heart ; he had a good report of all men and of the truth itself.
Page 27 - O! consider this, ye that forget God, lest He tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver you.
Page 539 - He continued to preach so long, notwithstanding his wasted, languishing body, that the last time he almost died in the pulpit. It would doubtless have been his joy to have been transfigured in the mount.

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