The Clack Book, Volume 2

Front Cover
Wells and Hudson, 1896
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Page 198 - All you have guessed about life insurance may be wrong. If you wish to know the truth, send for "How and Why, "issued 'by the PENN MUTUAL LIFE, 921-3-5 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Page 72 - Actually, as they sat up in bed and called to their parents or their nurses, their voices seemed smothered with roar. Could it be that the wind was a great wild beast with a hundred tongues which licked at the roof of the building? And how many voices must it have to bellow as it did? Sounds of falling glass, of breaking shutters, of crashing chimneys greeted their ears — not that they knew what all these sounds meant. They only knew that it seemed as if the end of the world had come. Ernest, miserable...
Page 193 - Contains a selection of the most beautiful of the poems of Eugene Field. Handsomely illustrated by thirtyfive of the world's greatest artists as their contribution to the monument fund.
Page 38 - Don't wait until you need it so badly that you will have to TELEGRAPH for it, as many others have done, but send for a descriptive pamphlet at once, upon receipt of which, you willsurelyorder a copy of THE BOOK.
Page 189 - A Mountain Woman "is an editorial writer on the Omaha World-Herald, and is widely known in the Middle West as a writer of a number of tales of Western life that are characterized by much finish and charm. The Lamp of Gold By FLORENCE L. SNOW, President of the Kansas Academy of Language and Literature. Printed at the De Vinne Press, on French hand-made paper. With titlepage and cover designs by Mr. Edmund H.
Page 152 - While it is true that Mr. Noguchi has not accepted the invitation to be present at a Dinner in his honor, I do not see that this fact in itself has any bearing on the question at issue. And I now state flatly that the Philistines do intend to give a Dinner in honor of Mr. Noguchi, and if Mr. Noguchi does not care to be present on the Occasion he can stay away and be damned...
Page 154 - Book-Keeping and Business Manual and "get in line" with all the progressive, "upto-date...
Page 154 - If it be universal, it is common law ; if particular, it is then properly custom. The requisites to make a particular custom good are these : (1) It must have been used so long that the memory of man runs not to the contrary ; (2) it must have been continued ; and (3) peaceable; also (4) reasonable; and (5) certain ; (6) compulsory, and not left to the option of every person, whether he will use it or not; and (7) consistent with other customs, for one custom cannot be set up in opposition to another....
Page 154 - Scientific Model Perfect Material Perfect Construction Finest Finish Absolutely Guaranteed Send for Catalogue, Queen City Cycle Co., Buff alo, NY THE NATION'S FAVORITE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.

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