Notes on Steam Engineering Arranged for the Use of Officers of the Old Line of the Navy ...

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U.S. Naval institute, 1901 - Marine engineering - 154 pages
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Page 40 - The frozen oil is thoroughly stirred with a thermometer until the mass will run from one end of the bottle to the other, and at this moment the temperature as indicated is recorded.
Page 52 - HOUR. 45. Water evaporated per hour, corrected for quality of steam Ibs. 46. Equivalent evaporation from and at 212 47. Equivalent evaporation from and at 212 per sq. ft. G. S Ibs. 48. Same per sq. ft. of heating surface Ibs. ECONOMIC RESULTS. 49. Water apparently evaporated under actual conditions per Ib. of coal as fired (41-7-23) Ibs.
Page 40 - ... the sun or in diffused light until it has become perfectly clear. It is then ready for use, and should be kept in a dim place and tightly corked. Into a...
Page 42 - ... oil; two threads of worsted will be used as a wick, and all the oil in the cup must feed through it; the wick not to be touched during the trial. This test to be made at a temperature between 70 and 90 F. (g) Cold Test.
Page 42 - Before acceptance, the oil will be inspected; samples of each lot will be taken at random, the samples well mixed together in a clean vessel, and the sample for test taken from this mixture. Should the mixture be found to contain any impurities or adulterations, the whole delivery of oil it represents will be rejected, and is to be removed by the contractor at his own expense.
Page 42 - The quantity delivered to be determined by weight — the number of pounds per gallon to be determined by the specific gravity of the oil at 60 F. multiplied by 8.33 pounds, the weight of a gallon (231 cubic inches) of distilled water at the same temperature.
Page 49 - Tubes, number ; diameter, outside ; length,.... thickness,.... Furnace, kind of Furnace, length, ; width ; height, Grate surface, length, ; width ; area Heating surface, area, ; ratio to grate, Per cent water heating surface ; per cent superheating surface Grate bars, kind Grate bars, width of air spaces, ; ratio of grate to air space,.... Smoke pipe, area ; height ; ratio to grate, Water space ; steam space Weight of boiler and all fittings except uptakes and smoke pipe: Without water, Water Total...
Page 38 - No mineral oil shall be present and the amount of unsaponifiable matter as determined by standard methods shall not exceed 2.5 per cent; 7.
Page 69 - ... cylinder was cast, so leaving a clear space for the contraction of the metal while cooling. The bar was placed with its narrow edge flush with the surface of the bricks. Fig. 4 shows this relieving bar while the main core was being built up. Part of the port cores were swept up on the main core, to which they were secured by prickers on the "crown" plate, they being located by means of the center lines, and made to correspond exactly with the dry sand port cores in the steam chests. The main...
Page 135 - ... the preparation of a set of tables showing the power required to drive a vessel of a given displacement at a given speed, data have been used which were gathered from the results of about two hundred trials of nearly as many ships. From this set of tables there was developed the remarkable fact that the propulsive efficiency of vessels with three screws is, in almost every case, above that of ships of approximately the same size, speed and general lines, but fitted with only two sets of engines.

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